For the most part, I remember looking forward to fall back in my life. I always got to stay up one hour later and enjoyed the extra time it provided me. Equally, I dreaded spring forward because, no matter how hard I would try to get in bed an hour early, it never happened. So for the next few days, I would be a little out of whack, trying to settle back into a schedule. I assumed the world shared my sentiments.

My husband was the first person I met with the opposite feelings. He enjoyed spring forward because, to him, it made everything go faster. The days at work would not drag on and things you enjoyed to do came quicker. I can’t say I ever really understood his reasoning. Until….. We had kids!

The first year of daylight savings with Addisyn wasn’t so bad. It took me about a week to get her adjusted to the new schedule, but for the most part, life went on as usual. When Tyce was born, it brought a whole new dimension to my previously held likes.

My children sleep 12 hrs at night, usually 8-8. When daylight savings of 2010 hit….. It was like my world turned upside down. What originally was 8-8 quickly turned into 8-7 or worse 8-6… 6:30ish. That hour we “gained” meant the sun came up an hour earlier!!! Which, to my children meant waking an hour earlier. The hour was not an hour gained to me any longer- it became the hour I lost, DAILY!! I had previously woken, gotten ready for the day, and had a little quiet time before my kids got up. Now, my kids were up before me, which meant no time to myself in the mornings. That was a huge adjustment!!!

I finally gave in, I started putting my kids to bed earlier. Hey, if the sun is going to set at the ungodly hour of 6pm, my kids are going to bed at 7!!! Because, they were in turn, up at 6,7 am. I tried going to bed earlier in order to get up earlier, but one thing I will never be, is a morning person! So, we’ve adjusted life to fit the time change. But, I do what I must to survive.

Spring forward has given me new reason to hope that life might actually become simpler. This morning, both older kids slept till past 8 am. When you couple that with my 6 wk old sleeping 6 hrs…. You get a very happy, energetic woman! I can only pray that my children will not notice the world waking before and sleep happily in their beds till 8, or on days that I am highly favored, possibly later.

I can only hope that this dream will become reality as I add, yet another change, to their rapidly evolving lives – going back to work. I work two days a week and take the kiddos with me. I’m excited to get back. I have a lot to catch up on, but I also really enjoy my job.

However, as much as I’m looking forward to this new phase, I am also quite apprehensive. I’m not sure how much I am going to be able to accomplish with three at the office! Zayd is still nursing every three hours, and Tyce is still jealous of his new competition. Addisyn is mostly ok to play by herself, the problem comes when she bugs her brother and then needs to be reminded to be sweet and share. Which is quickly followed by having to calm Tyce down after whatever she did. Factoring in how much I got accomplished last week when all I did was stay home, they may need to dock my pay for the first couple weeks as we adjust! 😉

Addisyn normally goes to a Mothers Day Out program on one of the days I work, but seeing as how this week is spring break…. they are out. Thankfully, Christiana, our live-in babysitter/godsend for my sanity, will be keeping Addisyn and Tyce for me tomorrow. So, at least one day this week, I will get something accomplished, even if it’s only establishing a blueprint for how I will attack the mountain of work that I have.

So, I’m very grateful to have the time change this week as it may ease the tension and stress of this week a little. I’m also hoping to begin working out again. It usually boosts my energy level and gives me time to myself. We shall see how Zayd cooperates with this plan… I miss running. Several of my friends are doing a half-marathon in about a month. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to train before this race, but I do plan to run my first half-marathon this fall. Running became a love of mine after Tyce was born. I like the sense of accomplishment it gives you when you complete the next goal. It’s also a great way to lose the baby weight! 🙂 Gotta be able to fit into a bathing suit this summer with the kiddos.

Please, spring forward, don’t fail me this year. I want to enjoy my summer with my children…. And an hour in the morning would do wonders towards achieving that dream.