After a day of utter frustration, I am exhausted. My 6 week old was up about a zillion times between 12-7 this morning (which was when I finally gave up and brought him to bed with me. Sensing my frustration and utter exhaustion, my wonderful hubby got up with the kids this morning. Even with my daughter coming in twice, and the sound of the other two screaming outside my door, it was a glorious two hours of peaceful sleep knowing I had nothing to worry about. Thanks baby! 🙂
Following said rest, I tackled the day with fervor determined to make it a fun and exciting day. After a quick call to my mom, we decided on the zoo. After all, my membership was up for renewal, and I had yet to go this year. I packed up the world, and we were on our way with two extra kiddos in tow. The hour drive went well, as I had properly prepared to entertain the children with a movie. However, when we arrived, we were overwhelmingly reminded of this week being spring break. There were cars parked miles out of the zoo and enormous lines to get in. That made the decision to skip the zoo and find someone else to do pretty easy. The problem was, trying to convince the car full of children (5 of them, mind you) that it was a GOOD thing we weren’t going to the zoo when we had talked about it the entire way there. Cue meltdown #1.
We quickly decided that finding a park to get out and run was a good idea at this point. Thankfully, I keep a potty seat in my trunk for such occasions. Insert Potty break #1,2 & 3 (2 are still in diapers)
The park was working wonderfully as we tried to formulate a plan for the rest of the day. A piercing scream (meltdown #2) interrupted the planning, as my adventurous one year old had slipped off the climbing rail and bit his tongue. Blood was dripping everywhere, but thankfully, he was fine and it stopped pretty quickly.
We decided to hit the mall with the play place, then chick-fil-a for dinner because it was family night and they had a bounce house scheduled. On the way to the mall – insert potty break #4. after getting to the mall, potty break #5,6, & 7. We walked to the play area, and after 5 min of play, sure enough “I have to go potty” insert potty break #8 & 9 with two children. Btw, the bathrooms are about a 5 min walk from the play place. I had the bright idea of getting smoothies on the way back. Meanwhile, my mom took the other children to, you guessed it, potty break #10. Arriving back from the smoothie run, I had to nurse my littlest one. While nursing, my one year old, once again, gets hurt. 15 min into playtime another potty emergency. Mom takes the three oldest, while I finish up with Zayd. Potty break #11,12,13. We meet as they are finishing up and realize Tyce has soaked through his diaper. Ugh! Following two diaper changes, we are now on our way to dinner, via home to get moms car. Insert potty break #14 on the way home. Home- potty break #15,16.
Chick-fil-A was packed, of course, which makes it all the more difficult to find a table for 6, so we settle on a very crowded table for four with all 7 of us eating. Tyce is the culprit for meltdown #3 because he wanted to be held, not wheeled around in the highchair. I was already wearing Zayd in the moby wrap so no such luck for him. Dinner was rather uneventful, but quickly followed by meltdown #4 when Addisyn decided she didn’t want to leave. Oh yeah, potty break 17,18,19 and 20 were all in there somewhere. We let the kids have one more go at the bounce house/slide, which I had to crawl up with Tyce because he was so jealous he didn’t get a turn, and I felt sorry for the little guy! Upon deciding we were officially done, Addisyn had meltdown #5 because she insisted she wanted to go “one more time” when we had already had our “one more time”. Meltdown #6, I was not privileged to witness, but mom informed me it did take place when she left with the other two. Addisyn followed it up with a bedtime meltdown to make it a total of 7 for the day.
All in all, a pretty typical day in my household…. Lol. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I do know this – we are staying home tomorrow!!!!

I do so love my life- wouldn’t trade a crazy, frustrating, out-of-control minute. It makes life interesting, thats for sure. Looking forward to many more years to come. 🙂