Somedays I know I’ve done something right in this motherhood thing:

When my 3 year old actually shares with her brother, without being threatened.

When my 15 month old son climbs in my lap for an unpromted hug/cuddle

When my 6 week old smiles at me and I know its not just gas.

When my daughter remembers to tell the lady at the counter “thank you” all by herself.

When she follows those two famous words with “soooo much” 🙂 I love my little drama queen…. Even when she has manners, she’s dramatic!

When Tyce carries on a conversation with mommy, that consist only of meaningless syllables. Mommy knows what he’s trying to say. 🙂

When Tyce (15 mos) gives Zayd (6 wks) “loves” without smothering him or being prompted.

When Addisyn “helps” mommy by giving Zayd his paci because I’m dealing with Tyce, without being asked.

When Addisyn tells me “It’s ok Mommy, I will kiss it” and believes wholeheartedly that kisses cure every ailment.

When Tyce offers to “share” whatever snack he has with me. Even with those chubby, drool drenched hands, I must take the bite, or I’ll offend his sweet little heart.

When Tyce “says” please and thank you. He signs them, but I know I’m raising another polite child.

When Zayd falls asleep on my chest. I provide a home filled with some peace amidst the chaos that is life with two toddlers!

When my hubby comes home to a clean house. I feel like announcing to him “LOOK, today I won the fight! Not only did I survive our three children, I actually accomplished something too!”.

When Addisyn prays for her Barbies. I know my life has been example enough to teach her that prayer works.

When Addisyn bursts out singing any worship song (this happens frequently) It shows me taking my children to the house of God impacts them at such a young age.

When Addisyn tells me “I’ll be right here mommy, call me if you need me.” She’s echoing things she’s heard me say a million times. I am raising a self confident (maybe TO much) child. 🙂

When she asks “please may I…..” without me saying “how do we ask correctly?”

I could go on and on, but Zayd just went back to sleep and it’s my turn to get a couple winks in to. I am so blessed to have such awesome children that God has entrusted me with. I pray we raise them to be god-fearing, polite, confident, sweet, loving, godly adults.