Tonight I watched as my daughter “fed” her Grandpa Chuck at least 20 crayons. She explained how each one was a different food, and when he declared he was full, she offered him water. He politely declined the 35th “glass of water” to which she promptly stated- “it’s ok, I’ll get you milk!”
Grandma Lori watched all three tonight as I went to bible study alone. I can’t remember the last time I was in a car alone. Every time we get a baby sitter, it’s for a date night, or twice a year-consignment night. So, I have either my hubby or my friends with me. It was nice, but almost strange as I swore I heard Zayd breathing in the back seat on the way. Thank God for great Grandparents!
Seeing my children grow and learn and expand is an amazing experience that I’m trying not to take for granted. In the few weeks of my son’s life, he has changed so greatly. I barely notice because of life being oh so daily around here. Seeing my children with their Grandparents these past few days has got me daydreaming of the future. Not in the, I wish it would hurry up and get here way, but in the, that’s gonna be cool one day, way.
You see, there are things Grandparents know that parents tend to forget. I live such a daily existence with my children, sometimes it’s easy to forget the “fun” things. Like life isn’t always rules and structure. It’s ok to let some things slide: not everything has to have harsh punishment. And if your 15 month old will only eat peanut butter (gasp) crackers, and nothing else this week- it’s not gonna kill him!
Grandparents give their grandkids a sparkle that they don’t normally have. My kids love it when their Grandparents are with them. Papa Bo always has candy to bring my little ones. (thanx Bo!) Tyce would do anything to spend more time with his Papa. Addisyn loves the walks at Mammy’s to feed the donkeys. And ever since we told her Grandma Lori was coming- she started asking about making cookies with her. My daughter who is 3, remembers that from their last visit. Obviously it was memorable enough from last time to be utterly important this trip. And dont even get me started on their Great Grandparents! They read a billion books and dont tire like we do. They play different games, they sing different songs. Grandparents offer a whole new view on life. They teach them things I would never think of. I love to see the interactions of such small innocence with quiet reserved wisdom.
I am looking forward to the time when I will know a lot more than I do now. When I can weigh the preferences and necessities in raising children. Sometimes I forget not everything has to be perfect. To bad we have to parent before being a grandparent! I wonder if we would learn more the other way around. Like a practice round before the real deal. But then I think we would loose the appreciation. Grandparents know that childhood doesn’t last forever. They have survived potty training, first day of school, first dates, dances, driving school, teenage years, graduation and everything in between. They have watched how quickly their own grow up, so I believe they cherish the joy that a simple meal of crayons brings. Thank you to all the Grandparents out there. Thank you for sowing into your grandchildren things their parents could never teach them.
My kids are so blessed to have many sets of Grandparents. They are showered with love and affection from those that are blood and those that might as well be. I guess it really does take a whole village to raise a child. A big thank you to my “village”. You make my job a whole lot easier and my kids life a great deal richer.