What a crazy busy weekend! Started out with garage saleing on sat morning and ended with sewing tonight and in between…. Movies, church, baby shower, and lots of laundry!
I started learning how to sew this week. I have been thinking about this for a while now. Probably right around the time I started cloth diapering my boys. I wanted to attempt several things, starting with cloth diapers. I purchased my sewing machine on tuesday and after getting the kids to bed with my hubby, went out to my moms for my first lesson.
My mom has been sewing since she was little and is amazing at it. She has a business on FB called “Bow Blessings” (shameless plug) where she sells some of her creations. Anyway, when I was younger, I didn’t place much importance on leading the trait. I’m more of a city girl at heart, and would much rather buy something than make it. It never seemed like something I would want to do.
After having my third child, I am feeling rather confident in my abilities. After all, I had my third unmedicated birth, at home. I feel like I can do anything! šŸ™‚ I also feel like this could save/make me some $ in the future. So with the combination of incentives, I dove in head first.
Mom took me through the workings of the machine and the general layout of how to create a pattern (yes, I like to do things the hard way!) for a cloth diaper. After three hours and sewing barely anything, I trudged home exhausted, but satisfied with my new knowledge. Wednesday, I tackled my project with vigor, eager to finish my first diaper, and, I DID!



I since have finished two more diapers, and started on an outfit for my daughter (she picked out the fabric). I have called my mom countless times in this project to ask how do I do this? Or what does this mean? Apparently, I picked a rather advanced pattern. (hard way again) Tonight, she actually came out to my house, again, to show me how to do a couple things we couldn’t talk through on the phone. Her knowledge and patience amaze me. Not only have I learned to sew through this process, I have learned a whole new side to my mother.

The pants finished

The top half of the shirt

The back of the top half

A preview of what it will look like completed!

My mom and I have always been close. I am the baby of five and consider my mother to be one of my closest friends. Although we disagree on some things, we have a mutual respect for one another as women. We learn/teach each other so many things. I love spending time with her, but have never shared a hobby with her. I love to sing and dance, something she has always supported me in, but never shared. She loved to garden, I would rather go shopping. Through this process, I have seen what a patient teacher she is. I love seeing things through her eyes now. I feel a sense of accomplishment in my sewing. It’s so cool to see something that used to be just material that is now something useful! I know how she feels about her creations. She puts so much love into each one she has made for my daughter. I appreciate that so much more now.
I hope that the experience has been as fun and exciting for her as it has for me. I also pray that someday I share something like this with my daughter. As stated earlier, I love to sing. I pray my daughter shares that love. But if she doesn’t, I pray I handle that with as much grace as my mother did, when I lacked interest in her loves. I pray it doesn’t take my daughter 26 years to realize that maybe my likes could be hers too.