Addisyn wore her new outfit to church this morning! She was so proud to show it off to everyone…. Almost as proud as I was! 🙂 I think life is finally settling in for me and my 3 kiddos. I still seem to be late everywhere I go, but I’m working on that. Going anywhere takes major preparation. Laying out clothes the night before is no longer an option- it’s a necessity if I plan to be anywhere the next day. As of now, the kiddos are caught up on dr appointments, but next month brings a new wave….

Zayd is still spitting up 😦 I gave up milk and caffeine over four days ago, and it seemed to be getting better, but today was horrible. He spit up majorly several times. I’m running out of options, and it’s so frustrating to not know what to do. I have never had this problem before- as they say- every child is different!

This week brought a great surprise. I got to meet up with a friend from college. We haven’t seen each other in quite a while. It was so great catching up with her. She just had her first, so lots of baby talk (which I love!) and a little grown up talk as well. It’s so nice to have a conversation with someone who knows what you have gone through and can relate! Those relationships are priceless!

I also got to reconnect with my best friend this weekend and go shopping. She and I found Easter dresses for our girls and made it out alive with my three kiddos in tow. We even had lunch! And no major issues! I am so blessed.

When I just had Addisyn, I took her everywhere with me- my life didn’t change to drastically, just adding one. But now with three, it’s harder to work them into the things I used to just “do” aka grocery shop, go out to eat at a restaurant (other than chick fil a!) or simply go to the bank. Everything is a production. Also, Tyce has hit the “age of exploration”. I remember when Addisyn was in this phase- I loved it! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Tyce’s insatiable curiosity. However, with a baby in tow and a sometimes defiant 3 yr old, I can’t accommodate his flights of fancy like I did Addisyn. I feel slightly guilty for this.

I know that Zayd is part of God’s plan and he is so sweet and amazing- I am so grateful for him. But I can’t help but think of the things Tyce is missing out on being the second of three very close children. He gets pushed around by his sister and loses some attention due to his brother. Then again, he is also gaining so much from his siblings. He already is repeating almost everything Addisyn says/does. He wants to be big, I see him growing daily because of her. He wakes up every morning demanding to see “Dayd” and then when he does, smothers him with kisses and loves.

Back to his exploration- I found him this week on top of his train table in his room. Standing. on top. of the table. The funny things is- he was crying because he couldn’t get down! I’m still trying to figure out how he got up there….

So, I guess I have finally become one of those parents that “can’t go to ________ because I’m not sure my children will behave”. I used to think that was a disciple issue (and sometimes it is..) but now I am beginning to understand being a mother of a 16 month old boy- and I have a feeling it’s not going to get better any time soon! He wants to constantly be doing, which is great! Just not so much in certain situations.

There are so many things I am still learning as a parent- I pray my children will be understanding of that fact. I understand the reasoning behind my parents way of raising me oh so much more now. I am grateful for great friends and family that contribute to my childrens well being. But for now- I am grateful most for all three of my children sleeping through the night! It’s the little things that make the greatest difference. 🙂 night all!