Today was a whirlwind. Somehow I got three kids up, dressed, fed, and happy in the car by 8:45, dropped the older two off and was at work by 9:15. I finished catching up on part of what I needed to at work (three months of stuff that I hadn’t done since I was on maternity leave!) ran to pick up Addisyn at 2, somehow squeezed in an appointment for Zayd at the chiropractors, finished up at work and picked Tyce up at 3:30. Follow that with a trip to Walmart, a quick run home to feed the baby, dinner at CiCi’s with 2 more kids and then bathtime and bedtime for the kids… I’m exhausted, but at least I got to finish Zayd’s new motorcycle diaper tonight. I’m still waiting for my snap pliers to finish them all- but I’m so excited that they are actually turning out well!

Tyce slept great in his new “Cars” bed last night. He didn’t make a peep and was in his bed when I went to get him this morning. I think he’s probably still a little young, but his love for “Lightning McQueen” is getting him through. I’m hoping I can take the crib down next week. He has slept in his Cars bed all but one nap a day so far. Tonight I gave him his new Cars pillow and he was SO ready for bed just so he could lay on it!
He has been spending his Fridays at his cousins house (he’s 4 mos older) and he came to stay with us tonight. They play so well together (unlike his sister) so it’s not even noticeable having him here- if anything, he makes life easier by keeping Tyce entertained. Bath time was a blast for the boys tonight. I think it’s so sweet how they are close friends so young. I pray they keep that friendship for a lifetime.
All in all, the day was rather uneventful, which causes me to be extra grateful- especially when you add another two kids to the mix. You should have seen the looks I got at Walmart with four kids under four piled into the cart- it doesn’t help that the boys look more like brothers than cousins. Tyce did have a mini-meltdown when he realized the donuts I put in the cart were for tomorrow mornings breakfast, not dinner! At least I had my 13 yr old niece with me to help. (I’m hoping no one thought SHE was mine!!!!)
CiCi’s went smooth – well as smooth as I could have expected. Everyone ate well and when all else fails, give the children more brownies!!! They had a blast, and I didn’t have to make dinner (bonus!).
The other two boys join us tomorrow to complete the circus. It should be a fun filled weekend! I mean, really, how much more challenging can 7 be than 3? Who really needs barnum and baileys when you got Wagner and Deemys? šŸ™‚