This weekend… Who am I kidding, WEEK has been a whirlwind. My brother came to visit for a couple days with his five children (yes, we are ALL overachievers!) and then Easter weekend was full of ministry for our church. So, an outline of the week
Monday – work, bible study, dinner with friends
Tuesday – Trey’s day off – running tons of errands (including 4 places looking for an Easter dress for me, and found nothing!) followed by an awesome date night with my amazing man.
Wednesday – brother came in and the day was spent mostly at Moms house when I wasn’t carting Addisyn to and from school and dance. Then dinner followed by church which put us in bed late because the kids NEEDED a bath after playing so hard with the cousins.
Thursday – Ft. Worth Zoo…. 3 adults, 10 children… And we only managed to loose one child (who was soon found 🙂 no worries!) I then made dinner and we spent our last few hours watching the kiddos play outside on our new swing set.


Friday – work all day with all three kiddos again (no mothers day out on good Friday) followed by taking cold drinks to the people who so graciously volunteered to walk crosses around our city as a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice on that day. Then to wrap it all up we had a public communion service in a parking lot. May I just say how proud I am of my church. We had over 100 volunteers come and carry the cross. It was an amazing day of ministry that I hope to be able to participate more in next year!
Saturday – church sponsored city wide egg hunt complete with 20k eggs that I believe were gone in 2.5 seconds!!!! Another great day of ministry… And Trey ended up getting the afternoon/evening off so we had some friends over for dinner.


Today was our egg hunt at home, church then lunch with the family followed by naps (which no one cooperated with except Zayd) and playing with the new toys the older two got in their Easter baskets.


I forgot to mention I started running this week as well. I have missed running so much since being pregnant with Zayd. I ran my first 5k this time last year and had registered for my second when I found out I was pregnant. I was planning on still running, however, I came down with strep that weekend as well. 😦 So I postponed my running for a little while due to sickness, then morning sickness, followed by laziness, then to-big-to-move-itis! I have been eagerly awaiting my return to running.
Monday was my first day back, I joined my other certifiable friends at the Y at 5am and thought I would take it easy. I ran a mile straight and was rather impressed! it felt so good to be back. 🙂 I have pushed myself to a mile and a half this week. I am trying to build my endurance, but almost am getting discouraged. I try and go 3 miles every day. But I can’t seem to break 37 min as of right now. We are training for a 10k in about 5 weeks and I just don’t see how I can get there from here. The mountain is a little daunting from this side looking up. 😦 I really want to push myself, so I set goals (sometimes unrealistic) and then get discouraged when I fail.

However, when I look back at the week I had, I am now feeling a little better. It was, after all, my first week back and I had A LOT going on. I managed to run mon-thurs and sat and sun. I believe I will cut myself a little slack and take the morning off.

Running parallels with this weekend oh so well in my eyes. Good Friday was such a full day, however, I found myself thinking of Christ’s sacrifice for me more than any year before. I dwelt on it throughout the day as I worked. That night I was able to explain communion as best I could to my 3 yr old. I’m not sure how much she grasped, but I know she is learning by example.
He was beaten and bruised for ME, suffered and died for ME, carried that cross and the overwhelming guilt and shame it held for ME. I’m sure there were so many times in that day that he wanted to stop. His flesh cried out for relief. Relief that could have been so easily attained.
While running that first mile, doubt enters my mind so frequently. Why am I doing this, whats the point. This hurts, it’s hard to breathe, it’s not fun. I have to keep myself from slowing to a walk quite frequently. I must fight my flesh and push myself to continue.
Christ had the power and authority to make it all stop in an instant, to prove his mockers wrong, to feel sweet relief, but he didn’t. He actively chose every moment to keep going, to take one more blow, the receive one more lash. He chose to be the sacrifice, He chose to save us all. What’s worse is he knew the pain it would take. He knew the weight he would endure. Not just physically, but emotionally. He took on the guilt of every sin ever committed. He shouldered the weight of every shame. He carried the pain of his fathers rejection. And he did it all for YOU. For ME. For HOPE. For REDEMPTION.
As I get deeper into my run, it almost comes easier, knowing so much is behind me is a relief. I always seem to get a burst if energy when I know I have less ahead of me than I do behind me. It’s a confidence boost.
I contemplate the experience of Christ on the day after the cross. I wonder if it was excitement he felt, relief, joy, knowing what was to come. He had suffered the cross. He endured till death. He served his purpose, yet the culmination of purpose was yet to be. It must have been exhilarating to know that the finish line was getting closer. (This is, of course, my speculation, not biblical fact) I can just imagine his excitement when the sun began to set… Knowing resurrection was imminent!
The last mile of my run is always the best. I can push myself at the end because I know it’s almost over. I will be able to get a cold drink, stretch my tired muscles and rest. I think I run the fastest the last quarter mile. It’s so close, I can taste it. I imagine people waiting to cheer me on and I complete my journey.
Oh the joy and satisfaction He must have felt on Resurrection Sunday. Its a rather silly thought, but I wonder if God has a heavenly DVR where he recorded the Mary’s when they saw the angel and heard him declare their savior risen. If I were him, I’d rewind it a thousand times to see the look on their faces. He WHAT?!?! The relief Christ must have felt when he stood in that room with his disciples and showed them the nail prints. The exhilaration in revealing himself as the Risen Lord. The joy when he declared he will return again to bring home His people. How i wish I could have been there. Talk about finishing a race.

I am overwhelmed by my God’s goodness and love towards me. How undeserving I am of his gift of redemption. This weekend, I pray, will remain in the forefront of my mind. How he died not only for my sins, but for me to live again in and through Him. I pray my life is an example for my kids to follow His footsteps, not mine. I desire to be a reflection of Him. To point my kids to His cross, so that one day, they might be able to grasp the love their Heavenly Father has for them.