Once again my three-year-old has me almost at the end of my rope! Yesterday she had a total of five accidents… FIVE! And I have no earthly idea why!!! I was so glad we had finally gotten over the throwing fits in public phase (a phase we had to go through twice) only to realize we have now entered the “I don’t stop myself playing in time to not potty in my pants before I REALLY need to go to the bathroom phase”. I’m still trying to decide which was worse…

Granted, not having fits means that people don’t stop and stare quite as much when I am shopping because my child is screaming at the top of her lungs for who knows what reason. However, the peeing in my pants in public, though much more widely understood and sympathized with, means I must now carry an extra set of clothes for her…. And most times, not just one set. No big deal right? Except I have two boys still in diapers (cloth at that!) and my youngest spits up about as often as I did when I was pregnant with him (a lot!). So I have resorted to a bag in the car that has two changes of clothes for each child. Which, at this point, I go through daily. 😦 Doable, as long as I wash at least 2 loads of laundry a day. So, at this point, my loveseat is almost always covered with a mound of clean laundry needing to be folded and put away. Such is life with three small children!

My biggest frustration is that I thought we were WAY past this. Potty training afforded us several issues, but wet accidents were never included in them until now. My daughter has been potty trained for at least a year. I keep trying to figure out the cause. She is so young to have such responsibility. At three, she is already a big sister, twice. She helps so much with them, even when I don’t ask. I realize I do expect so much out of her, however, I don’t know why this would be coming up just now. Im tempted to put her back in diapers until she can prove to me she wants to be a big girl again. Not sure if that would help move her along, or simply make her content being in diapers again…. And three in diapers is not something I want!

So, my prayers once again center on my baby girl. Lord, help me survive raising this child. I love her so deeply, yet she frustrates me so easily. Patience – the lesson i get to learn over and over… 🙂

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!