“I’m your helper girl, Mommy?” “Yes, baby, Your Mommy’s helper.”

I have realized recently just how grown up my baby girl is! We are approaching 3 years and 4 months soon. I somewhat struggle with the fact that I have a three year old. It seems like I’m going to blink and she will be going to school. Which both excites me and scares me to no end! I am so proud of the youg lady she is becomming, yet I’m loosing so much that I have loved throughout the last 3 years.

The first year is full of so many firsts and changes. Going from a sweet little thing that barely does anything to a walking, talking personality is amazing. The wonder and excitement of life between one and two is so much fun to me. They are still to young to outright defy you (most times) but still have an insatiable appetite for curiousity. They think you are the greatest thing on earth and you can fix anything. Two has its challenges, but they are so cute with the huge eyes, short arms and usually, rolls of chub. Talking is more of a staple and makes for some interesting conversations. Plus, they are old enough to interact, yet still small enough to get into most places for free! :0) Always a plus.

Three is so far, good. Despite realizing that growing up is inevitable, and I can’t keep my toddlers forever (Thank you Jesus!) three is suprisingly calm. My daughter is old enough to realize the pecking order in our household (I am the parent, she is the child) although, she still argues that point frequently. This however, has proven to calm many discussions with just a few words. She doesn’t have the fits that we once had. She is pretty much self-sufficient in going to the potty. She can put her own shoes on, and clothes, occasionally. She can climb in the car and buckle half her seat-belt.

But, my favorite part, is that she LOVES to help. She will go get anything for me, which is a HUGE help with two under two in the house. Wipes, paci’s, socks, shoes, cars, balls, anything I desire is just a question away. She has now learned how to hold her brothers hand and lead him anywhere she (or I) wishes. The other day, we were leaving a restaurant and i carried the baby in his carseat while she held Tyce’s hand and led him out to the car. She stayed on the sidewalk and held him there until I got Zayd in the car. What a glorious moment in my motherhood. I have dreampt of this day!

Some of you may laugh, which means, you have never attempted grocery shopping with three kids in a cart, which leaves no room for food. Nor have you ever circled a building 57 times to get a parking space next to the building for fear of having to cross a street with three children that can run at any second in the opposite diection. These, however are my daily stresses. It takes me at least four trips to the car to leave, afterwhich I have one trip to make it into any given place I visit daily. Which brings me back to my elation over having a helper!

I still give her the option most times to help, I don’t want her to feel like she has to take care of her siblings. It’s a right, or priveledge at this point. She has the things she is required to do, but over and above that, she desires to help. I feel confident knowing I am raising a helpful child. She is overly polite, and generally and very sweet girl. It has done me good to remeber these things when we occasionally revisit the fits, or accidents.

I guess I am more ready for having a three year old then I previously thought. Every age has its advantages, and I am so eager to discover the rest that three holds. If its any bit as fun as the past three years have been, I think I’m in for a wild ride!