This week brought my first trip to the emergency room with one of my children. With two boys about a year apart, I’m pretty sure, it won’t be my last…..

Mondays are work days for me. Its also tied with Wednesday as my busiest day of the week. I don’t have childcare for my little ones on Monday’s, so the “zoo” comes with me to work! Usually, not a problem, but this Monday was quite a whirlwind.

Tyce is now 17 months old (and might I add, SO different from Addisyn at this age). He is into everything! If it can’t be pushed, dragged or rolled, it can be climbed on, stomped on, or rolled over. He still takes two naps a day. We are working to consolidate it to one, but he is holding onto his morning nap.

Following his morning nap, we ventured out for lunch. Simple as it sounds to run through a drive thru, when you have three children to load and unload, it turns into at least a thirty minute episode. Upon returning, we begin the unloading process. Addisyn gets out first and promptly finds the sidewalk. I hand her a drink, then get Tyce out. Since we have been at the church since he was born, he knows to go straight to the door. I also hand him a drink to carry so that I minimize my load. Next comes Zayd in his carrier, and then I load up with our lunch, my drink, wallet, phone and keys. (I left the diaper bag for such a short trip, one less thing to carry.) So far, so good. We reach the door, though only 20 feet from our car, a minor accomplishment for my crew. As I am opening the door, my daughter drops her drink, all over the ground, right in front of the door. Holding the items, previously listed (plus the door) I now try to usher my children in around the puddle of liquid quickly spreading. Addisyn is freaking out that her drink is on the ground. Tyce then does what any other curious toddler would do, and bends down to play in the puddle. Ugh. Setting the baby, food and various other items down, I pick up the now wet and sticky child and place him inside the door. Addisyn is still way to concerned with the fact her brother has a cup and now she doesn’t. So I gather remaining items, plus my three year old and my son in his carrier and bound through the door. About five steps in Tyce starts to wail. After setting down the load, I turn to realize he has his finger stuck in the door jam. I run to release it, and start to pray. The door is not a regular house door, but a heavy metal door that could really do some damage. At this point, we are both crying and I’m pretty sure Zayd had joined the bawl-fest, just cuz he can!

My mind races a mile a minute, I’m almost positive his finger is broken, it was smushed to smithereens and it has a nice marble effect of blue/purple. He refuses to put ice on it and continues to wail. My pastors wife is now involved trying to help me. After some quick decisions, she offers to keep Addisyn while I take the boys to the ER.

So I load the youngest two in the car- all the while Tyce is screaming. šŸ˜¦ Addisyn is fine staying so I rush off to the hospital. I get both boys and my wallet and phone in the ER and Tyce goes to triage right away. Praise God there was no wait. Triage sends us to the emergency clinic for xrays. All this takes about 30 minutes and that is when I realize….. I have no diaper bag! The boys were changed about an hour and a half ago, but that wont last long. Now I’m stuck in a “waiting room” aka. curtain, with a very active 17 month old and nothing to do! Thankfully, I called our worship leader who was still at the office and she was able to bring it to me.

Tyce is doing great by now, we played peek-a-boo with the curtain and chased each other around the bed. It was a relief to see him smile again. But he screamed every time I tried to look at his hand.

Kiara arrives (my saving grace!) with the diaper bag and all is now well with the world. We have a juice cup and snacks to get us through the next few hours!!! Two different Dr’s come in to check on him before x-rays are done.

Thankfully, they wheeled the x-ray machine into the room. However, nothing is at all appealing about sitting still, or straightening out a hurt finger to my 17 month old. More tears, lots of them…. As soon as he was allowed down again, he was fine. šŸ™‚


Here he is passing the time, watching and playing Cars while we wait for the x-rays to be read.

It took about 45 min for them to read them and inform me it wasn’t broken. I was so relieved!!!! Then, after a mountain of paperwork, we were released! I drove back to work (by now it’s quitting time!) and happily informed the world my son did NOT break his finger.

The kids are all exhausted by this point, so I laid them down for a nap so I could actually get some work done. Needless to say, I hadn’t accomplished much until that point!

We survived the crazy day and our first trip to the ER thanks to lots of prayer and some great friends! I am blessed to have people in my life that love my kiddos almost as much as I do. Tyce is doing much better now- he has hardly complained about his finger! Unfortunately, with my rambunctious boys, I highly doubt this will be our last ER trip. At least I know what to expect next time…..