Such a beautiful day in Texas today! The weather was perfect, and my kids took advantage of that! We spent the whole day hanging out at the house. The day was filled with lots of play on the swing set, barbies, cars, a picnic lunch outside, nap time, lots of giggles and some sweet moments. A perfect day!

I crawled into my attic today because my sis-in-law called me with a request. One of her friends lost their home in the tornados recently. They have a 6 month old and are now in need of clothes. So, as I climbed into the attic, I had Tyce outside with me(he loves ow-side). Addisyn was watching a movie in our room where I had Zayd laying on the bed. When we made our way back in, Addisyn was talking and laughing with her baby brother so sweetly! A moment I hope never to forget. Three years is such a perfect time to introduce a baby. She so adores her youngest sibling!

Tomorrow starts my first day at my new position. (sigh) I am a little unsure of how I feel about this change. I began working at our church a year and a half ago. I absolutely LOVE my job. I would have too. My dream has always been to be a stay-at-home mom. I love my kids more than life itself. It takes a LOT to make me want to work!

I started out doing random things and have now grown into a comfortable know-what-I-need-to-do-on-a-daily-basis position. I take my kiddos with me most days (another reason I love my job), but occasionally I work alone.

I enrolled Addisyn in a Mother’s Day Out program last year. She needed an outlet that didnt include her new baby brother. This year has proved that to be true for Tyce. So, beginning in June, they will both be attending a Mothers Day out Program for two days. I fight feeling guilty about putting them in a program. However, I do know that they need stimulation that I can’t give them on a daily basis. They need to be around children their own age, and they need to be separated from each other!

So, back to my new job…. Our secretary of 5 years is going to pursue another career and start her own business. I am so excited for her and the opportunity for her to do what she loves. I will be taking on one more day, but not going full-time. I don’t want to put my kids in daycare. Also, my husband works very odd hours being in retail sales, he normally has weekdays off. If I were to work full time, we would never get to have days off together. So, for the sake of my sanity, and my family’s well-being, I accepted three days as a good compromise.

I am still slightly overwhelmed by the thought of a new position and my old job. I am sort-of a perfectionist (can you be sort-of a perfectionist?!) ok, I AM a perfectionist and hate to get things wrong. I know that more than once, I will get something wrong now. I’m just wondering how long it will take me to get comfortable with my new responsibilities. I enjoy knowing how to do my job, and completing it with excellence. I fear failure- wow, even as I write this, that sounds stupid. Who doesn’t fear failure- no one LIKES to fail.

It doesn’t help that the previous secretary was meticulous. I seriously don’t know anyone else that could be better at what they do. She amazes me every day I am there. She takes things in stride so effortlessly. She makes the job look like a cakewalk. I wish people knew the amount of work she does, well, did. I’m stepping into some mighty large shoes….

So, I guess intimidated would be a good word. I pride myself on being good at the things I do. I’m a good mom, a good cook, a good wife (I hope my husband agrees!) a good housewife, a good friend, a good daughter. My mother still to this day tells the story of me taking piano lessons. Following my first lesson, I informed her that I wouldn’t be going back. When she asked why, I matter-of-factly stated “because I don’t know how to play! I’m not good at it!”. Not much has changed. I don’t like to spend wasted time on things I’m not good at. I don’t mind working on what I’m good at to make it excellent, but being mediocre has never been an aspiration of mine. I’m not trying to be snobbish or hateful, I simply would rather do things I am good at! šŸ™‚

So now that I have admitted all my faults, I will close with this. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes things have to happen to force you into places you never thought you wanted to be. Sometimes, people can grow into positions, and that is what I will now attempt to do. So for those of you who work with me- handle with care, at least for the first week! šŸ™‚