Somedays we are just glad we survived. Today was one of those days. I, however, would like to dwell on the positives rather than the alternative.

Zayd rolled over for the first time tonight! He was on his belly and rolled to the left onto his back. When Trey got home, I spilled the good news. He was excited, but shared the same “oh my goodness, he’s getting to THAT age” look I felt when he first did it. This starts the road to mobility that I’m not sure I’m ready for. It’s nice to know that one of my three is still in the spot I left him. I get a little sick to my stomach imagining next summer- a one year old, two year old and a four year old! Wow, who needs a membership to the gym when you run after that many kids!

I got to work the morning with just my boys. Trey kept Addisyn home with him until him until he had to leave for work at noon. It’s amazing how much more I can get done when the oldest two aren’t fighting every 5 minutes! Tyce played happily (for the most part) and Zayd slept well which made for a productive morning.



I got Trey’s fathers day gift today. Unfortunately, I cannot share what it is, because, like a loving spouse, my hubby reads my blog! Let’s just say- he’s gonna be excited…. When we got it, Addisyn asked to see it. Upon opening it, she stated “let me see….. (pause) that is SO cool!” in her ‘I’m grown up and know these things’ voice. I’m glad the gift met her approval. It is, after all, from her!

I started my thirty meals for June today and got done with five of them. Because of the long day, I decided that the kids needed an early bedtime- neither of them took very long (or any at all) naps. By 7:15, they were all three in bed. And to my surprise, none of them really complained! I began my cook-a-palooza shortly after- AFTER I sat down and ate a chocolate and carmel covered ice cream bar from my couponing trip this weekend. Three hours later, I had five meals, one doubled for a total of six meals in my freezer.

I have seven more to go for the month of June, which I am hoping to complete on Thursday. I also need to add to my list “clean out the freezer” so I have room for seven more meals!


Tonight, as we were about to go to bed, my hubby surprised me. It was nothing big or grandiose. You see, I’m a little OCD (you may remember from previous blogs) and I like things a certain way. Every night, I straighten the covers and make sure that the comforter is the same height as the sheets. I hate pulling up them both to discover there’s more comforter than sheet, or sheet without comforter. See, I told you, OCD!! Anyway, as I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, my husband walks over, straightens both sides, then gets in bed. To me, that was so romantic. Trey could care less about the covers, he rarely sleeps under them anyway! But he did that for me. He knows it matters to me, even though he may find it silly or stupid. It’s those little things that make me think that we will make it through the next 50 years ok. We will be married for five years on Friday and I am just as much, no more in love with him now then I was the day we got married. He is everything I’m not. We balance each other out. As long as we keep straightening the sheets for one another- we will remain that way!

So- looking back, maybe I did more than just survive today. Isn’t it great how God’s grace is sufficient for every need we have. When we need just a bit more stamina, He’s right there to help us up. It’s the little things in life that keep me grounded. I’m so thankful for little reminders of His love. Like a marriage, he’s there to give us those little reminders that he thinks of us. Daily. Every minute. He is just waiting for us to notice the little things he sets in our path. Thank you God for helping me survive!