What an amazing day! It was a wonderful way to commemorate five years of marriage. We started with lunch at taco cabana before we got to six flags. It ended up being a perfect day to go to the park. I was a little worried, it being the first Saturday after school was out.

20110604-111237.jpgBut, within the first hour, we had ridden the Batman, Mr. Freeze, the flashback and the Titan.

20110604-111340.jpgThis was the first time in four years this sign does not apply to me! Woohoo!!!

We stood in line for the Texas Giant for about 45 minutes. Because they just got done with the remodel, there was a line all day!


20110604-111448.jpgWe followed that with Runaway Mountain and one last ride on Batman before we left. It was the perfect amount of time to be out in the sun.
We headed to a theater so we could sit in the air conditioning for a couple hours and rest. Then we took the opportunity to go to the apple store. My iPhone has been acting up, but it’s near impossible to try and go to an apple store with three kids. I haven’t wanted to attempt it! They quickly replaced my phone because of a hardware issue. I’m so glad to not have to fight with my phone any more!

On to dinner- Trey had redeemed some rewards points so we paid a whole $5 for our wonderful steaks, and I got lobster too! The whole meal was great and the service matched the taste. I love it when servers actually care about taking care of their tables. I waited tables for six years, and appreciate people’s effort! She even gave us free dessert for our anniversary. It was even sweeter being free….

We ended the night at Dave and Busters with some games. It was so nice to go without children. It has been so long since I’ve been without them. I love them thoroughly and actually missed them (we went into gymboree at one point) but it was nice to be just me for a day.

I was told that they had a great day. Addisyn didn’t have one accident and Tyce played well. Zayd napped on and off, but he did great for his first day apart from mommy. Mommy did good too! It was a well needed break.


I so enjoy spending time with my husband. I do have to admit, a lot of our conversation revolved around our kids. But, can you blame us- they are our lives right now. I guess they will always be, but I want to make sure we don’t turn into those people that their relationship revolves around our kids. I enjoy spending time with my spouse because HE is who I fell in live with. Yes, we have both changed over the last five years, but the core of who he is is still the same.

20110604-111624.jpgTonight at dinner, our server asked what kind of dessert we wanted. Trey says “whatever you want, baby.” She quickly says, no wonder you’ve made it five years! I piped up, he so good to me. And it’s true! When presented with the choices, I quickly chose the brownie, because I know it’s his favorite. It’s things like that that will carry us through the next 50 years. Just the simple, I love you so I put you first attitude. Most times, he’s better at it than I am, but I’m working on it!

I pray our kids see that in our marriage. I heard a long time ago, the most important thing you can do for your kids is love their Father! (and vice versa) I plan in living that out. I love my children, but I want my kids to know that my husband is priority to me. If we are good, then it follows that our family will be. Making our relationship important in practice is hard with three very young children. I hope it only gets easier from here. Our time sown is benefits reaped in our children’s lives. I know I am much more content, less easily angered, more patient and happy when Trey and I get our time.

So- if I have to ride roller coasters for the good of my children, I guess I will! It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! šŸ™‚ I LOVE my life.