Yesterday marked five years of marriage for my husband and I. It seems like such a historic day of achievement. Five years- and so many obstacles.

Our first challenge didn’t wait till the honeymoon was over- our first five months were lived on one income- and it wasn’t very much. We raked up a bunch of debt, and sorted through a lot of emotions. Trey got a wonderful job and I am so glad that we experienced that challenge together. It makes me ever-grateful for our blessings now.

At a year of marriage, we had just found out we were pregnant. It was quite a surprise, and earlier than we had planned. The eve of our anniversary was spent in the ER after some abdominal pain. After hours of tests, we were told we had to terminate the pregnancy. We prayed and cried and experienced grief I never knew was possible. Three hours after that horrifying news, another doctor reviewed our case and disagreed. It was simply a cyst on my ovary. With careful monitoring for the next couple weeks, the baby was fine.

In October of that year, 2007, we bought our first house together. We had a contract on a house and even went to sign the papers. However, we learned there was an easement that ran through the house. We began trying to fight the easement, but after a month of no success, we backed out. I was six months pregnant and we had scheduled our water/electric to be turned off. It was too late to cancel, but we had to get it turned back on to keep living there. On my Birthday, God directed us to the perfect four bedroom, two bath house that we have called home ever since. Our bid was one of many on that day, but somehow, (divine favor!) we were chosen.

January 17, 2008 changed our lives forever. After 19 hours of labor at a birth center, our precious princess was born into this world. She was born not breathing, and had to be taken and suctioned out, and helped to begin breathing on her own. It was such a mix of emotions. She was so perfect in every way, yet my labor and delivery was so not what I wanted. She was so tiny, probably way to early. But six hours later we were on our way home with Addisyn Aaliya. Motherhood was everything I dreamed and more. It felt so good to be a mom. The thing no one really explained to me. I was so much more in love with my husband because of his love for my daughter. There is nothing more attractive than to see your spouse enthralled with your children!

We decided after Addisyns birth that I would stay home. We would live off of one income (substantially larger than the first five months!) so that our child could be raised by us, not a day care. The first year flew by! I took up couponing and started watching kids to help the budget. They both allowed me to stay home, but still feel like I was contributing financially. Trey was so amazingly supportive of me. We felt through our new roles. There were many fights, but we survived.
February 2009, we got pregnant with Tyce. Shortly after, my sister had an accident that caused her 4th and 5th vertebrae to be fractured, bruising the spinal cord. She had two children and was hundreds of miles away. Our family ended up bringing her to Dallas to receive care for her injury. Their teenage son lived with us, while their daughter went to live with my brother. After five months, they decided to move back home. That time was so emotionally difficult on our family. Trey and I clung to each other like never before. It was amazing to see how my sister and her husband dealt with this challenge. They are an inspiration to me still today.

November 21, 2009 brought our baby boy. He was two weeks late- and believe me, I felt all two weeks! šŸ˜¦ he was my first homebirth. After eight hours of labor, he was born happy and healthy in our bedroom at home. Addisyn was able to be present, but at almost two, didn’t really care! That birth was everything I had hoped for. I labored at home, was comfortable with the whole process. I think the difference was the trust and relationship I had with my midwife. The Lord directed us to her and I know she was capable to face any challenge we had (and there were a lot with Tyce’s pregnancy).

Following Tyce we both decided we were done with kids for a while, if not for good. At that point we had been married 3 1/2 years. Tyce’s pregnancy was a rather challenging one, and we needed time to recover from that. However, our plans don’t always line up with Gods!

When Tyce was 5 months old, I found out I was pregnant again. It took me a week to tell my husband. He knew long before I told him though! I was so scared of how we would weather this storm having been so close to the previous. But my man stood by me again. And we leaned on each other. Zayds pregnancy was more difficult in so many ways, but I believe the attitudes we took made it so much easier. We both believed that God had our best interest in mind, and even though we didn’t plan this little life, He did. We stuck tight together through all the little comments that people say. I know most of them were meant to be funny, or sarcastic. But when you are facing having three kids in three years, they sometimes stung. I believe that this past year has been the strongest year of our marriage. We really realized how to, together, let go and trust God!

January 29, 2011 our youngest made his entrance. Another home birth, my first water birth was amazing. Six hours of labor brought my little man here. He was, and is perfect in every way. His birth changed the dynamic of our entire family. I believe we are still adjusting to being a family of five, four months later. Tyce went through a huge change the first week. He only wanted Daddy, he didn’t even want to see me. Addisyns challenges came about a month after Zayds birth. She has and still is sometimes reverting to toddlerhood. We are making it, day by day. Trey is an amazing father and even more amazing husband. He is still the person I would rather spend a day with than anyone else. He is my best friend and my rock. I can’t imagine the challenges the next five years hold when I reminisce over the past five. But this one thing I know, as long as we keep clinging to each other, and ultimately God, we will be just fine!

To my best friend, my everything, my perfect help-mate – I love you more than words can express. I can’t imagine my life without you, nor do I ever want too. My life began when you walked into it. I cant wait to spend forever with you! šŸ™‚