Getting accustomed to our new routine! This week is the first “normal” week of our summer routine. Tomorrow starts mdo for both Tyce and Addisyn. I am still a little hesitant to put Tyce in a program, but the need to accomplish something at work is now undeniable. Last week went as well as it could, but with all three there, I spend more time tending to them than actually doing my job! :/

Tyce has now learned to say blanket. I can’t believe how quickly he is blossoming. He is really following in his sisters footsteps. Today at lunch, he requested to sit at the big table, rather than his high chair. That lasted for about a minute until he stood up in the chair. Normally, not a problem, but our kitchen table is a high top. I guess we will have to learn how to actually sit in a chair before he is allowed to be big like his sister! I’m sure it won’t be long!

Speaking of learning how to say blanket…. Addisyn has called her blanket, bwankwy since she could talk. This week she has actually said blanky correctly. :/ As happy as I am that I don’t have to worry about speech issues, I’m a little disappointed that she’s that old. I just want to rewind to the part where she was little and sweet and had the pigtails that stuck straight up because her hair was barely there.

When did she get big enough to get into the car by herself and buckle herself in? There is joy in that small victory, as I have to buckle both the boys in. But every milestone puts me farther away from my baby. I keep trying to soak in every moment. Every day is a new discovery with her. She is so interested in Zayd these days – always asking to hold him. Today she held him for me while I dumped the trash cans. It’s so cute because Zayd is at the point where he is so wanting to be held all the time. He now knows the moment I lay him down, even in his vibrating seat. šŸ˜¦ I think I’m going to have to invest in a second Bumbo. I took our Bumbo to work because he loves to sit and watch me type. But I need it more and more at home for doing anything. I cant lay him down anywhere that is climbable, as his brother could probably scale the Great Wall of China. It will be my next craigslist search, as the closest consignment isn’t until August.

I guess I need to sign off and get the kids lunches packed. Tyce got a new Cars lunchbox and napmat for tommorow. Stay tuned for pictures! šŸ™‚