I was informed yesterday by my daughter that she is married! Three years old and already so grown up! It went down like this:
Addisyn: mommy, I’m married.
Me: Really? Who are you married to?
A: Um…. I’m married to Daddy!
Me: oh, I thought I was married to Daddy!
A: oh, ok. Then I’m married to Tyce!
A: Then I will be the parent, right Mommy?

This all comes from a saying that frequently graces my lips. “I’m the parent, You are the child!” I have to remind my type A daughter that she does not rule the world! She is such a big help with the boys, but sometimes takes it to far. I saw her correcting her brother the other day- with force! She then was reminded (by mommy) that she is not Mommy! When playing at home, I am frequently told “you be the baby, and I will be the Mommy.”.

I remember playing house so often growing up. It was my dream- to be a wife, a mom. I wanted children more than anything. I babysat and nannied more kids than I can count. Nothing is as fulfilling to me as impacting a life. Those moments of learning, exploring, realization, are worth so much! I’m so thankful to be able to live out my dream. I love that I get to see my kids firsts. I am grateful for my husbands job that is able to support us. Not an easy thing for a family of five!

Whatever my baby girl grows up to be, I will be proud. I desire so many things for her. I pray that she is successful and driven. Most of all, I pray that she will live out her calling that God has placed on her life. I hope that part of that calling includes being a wife and a mother. I pray that she and I will share that blessing. Not just because I would love to have grandchildren, but because I can imagine no other thing bringing me as much joy.

Today, I will play along, and let her be the parent and I will be the child. Cuz sometimes it’s fun to not have any responsibilities. Maybe she could cook me dinner! šŸ˜‰