Wow- where has the week gone? It’s already Wednesday! Mothers Day Out went so well yesterday. I should’ve sent an extra diaper with Tyce, but I’ll know for Thursday. I am so glad they are willing to try cloth. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be a big deal. To me, changing a pocket cloth diaper is the same thing as a disposable, but instead of throwing it in the trash- you throw it in a bag. She seemed to be ok with the whole thing. I changed him when I got there so I could demonstrate how it works. At the end of the day, Tyce did great. He whined maybe three times, I was told. I figured as much. When I left, he was crying, but the 30 seconds it took me to walk to the door and shut it were enough. When I glanced inside- he was playing with a hammer!

Addisyn had a harder time than Tyce. She had a break down, I want Daddy moment. I should’ve thought through the whole- let’s all go as a family for the first day- thing. I was told it only took her about 15 min to calm down. Then when I arrived, she didn’t want to go home! Typical three year old! She did go the entire day without an accident, and was rewarded with ice cream at dinner. I love days that flow like I expect them to- it puts a smile on my face!

Zayd got to enjoy lunch with Mommy and Daddy alone yesterday. It took me back to when I just had Addisyn. How easy life is with just one! I got so much accomplished that takes me hours with all three. I hit the grocery stores and got in and out of two in an hour. With coupons, my haul was 205.72 for 91.19. After picking up the kiddos, I went to one more store and got 42.94 for 17.92.

Here is what I got with the exception of the 10 lbs of Chicken and the frozen pizzas (10).

So, all in all, a great day. I love getting things done on my days off, I feel much more productive at work as well! Speaking of work- off I go. Have a great wednesday everyone!