I love airports. I love to see people reunited after being apart. I love to see all the different types of people. I love to travel. I love the excitement of new places and things. DFW never disappoints me in these things. Yesterday, we went to pick up my Mom from visiting family in California.

The kids were thoroughly excited to see Mammy again and to get to go somewhere. To add to the excitement, we took Mammy’s car. I was reminded just why I don’t let Addisyn and Tyce sit together- EVER! Despite the bickering over toys, they began a game of peek a boo with Tyces blanket.It was so sweet to hear their giggles and screams. It was almost a funny game of tug-of-war. And in the frustration of quelling arguments all the way, it was a needed relief. I do have hope of one day my children being friends. It’s probably not soon, but some day….

We arrived a little early, so instead of sitting in the running car for twenty minutes waiting for Mammy to land, I took the trek inside. (plus, it was time for Zayd to eat) The walk from the parking lot to the door went the best any walk ever has! Tyce actually held my hand while I only had to carry the diaper bag and Zayds carseat. Addisyn has mastered holding onto the carseat when we cross the street. It’s impossible to get through doors in this fashion, but works out in the open. My children entertained themselves gloriously by chasing one another around the baggage carousel. That is, until Tyce saw the revolving exit doors from the terminal. It only took two corrections to let him know I meant business- the doors were off limits! Thankfully, a bystander helped me catch him the second time.

Mammy then arrived and the world was glorious according to my two oldest. Her presence excites them like nothing else! Addisyn made it known that she did not want to go home, but wanted to take a trip on an airplane. I said we could ask Daddy about that! We safely made it back to the car (Tyce refused to walk this time) and began our trek home. The trip was filled with plenty of “that’s mine” and “no”‘s but it was enjoyable none the less. Addisyn managed to share toys several times with her brother, unprovoked!

She is getting so big and responsible these days. She rushes to get Zayd’s paci whenever he cries. She is remember to ask “please may I….” for things she wants. Everyday I see new rewards for the hard work of disciplining my children. (yes, to me, it’s work!) Tyce nows says ‘peas’ and ‘gank gu’ when he isn’t signing them. I am a proud Mommy.

We made it home safely. My freezer meals are now making a regular appearance on my dinner table. It was so nice to come home to a meal that all I had to do was throw in the oven. Chicken and Spinach Manicotti was delicious. The kids went to bed well, and after watching the Mavs take the fifth game in the series, I did too!

I was dreaming the whole night of places I’d like to take my kids and trips I want to go on. I’m not sure if it stresses me out, or excites me to think of our future. We survived a weekend trip with all three, but I’m not sure about flying! I desire to go and do with my little ones- just maybe once their not so little! One of these days it will be Mammy dropping us off at the airport: until then, I’ll stick with my dreams. šŸ™‚