Saturday was one of those days I live for. The whole day was so smooth. Dress rehearsal for my baby girl, water park fun, home cooked meal followed by a pajama ice cream party! All the kids were wonderful, obeyed for the most part. Days like that give me hope for an easier future.

Addisyn is getting to the age where mommy/daughter stuff is so much fun. We had a great morning at rehearsal. I enjoy the one on one time I get with her. You can tell she really loves the attention. Everything is watch me Mommy! Look at this! What about me?! Life revolves around her every thought, or so she wishes! When we are alone, there is no baby talk, very little whining, no accidents and lots of giggles. I so look foreword to her getting to the age of sleepovers, make-up and perfume. At the same time, I miss the headbands, mini pigtails and cuddles that are all too soon disappearing.

After reading Cinderella last night, she says “some day, I will live in a beautiful castle with a prince”. I told her the story of my prince. It’s so amazing to see how she thinks and reasons at three. Life is so simple. She reminds me a lot how to live in the now.

Here are some of my favorite conversations with her.

Addisyn: Momma, I want to tell the truth.
Me: ok, what do you want to tell me?
A: um…. I love Daddy!

A: I want to ride with Mammy.
Me: not tonight hunny, were going home
A: but Mommy, Mammy NEEDS me!!!

Me: Addisyn, get your shoes on and let’s go.
A: ok Mommy, in just a minute!!

Me: Addisyn, do you want to stay with Daddy or come with Mommy?
A: I want to come with you.
Me: ok, tell Daddy goodbye.
A: goodbye Daddy. You can play with your iPad while I’m gone, ok?

I can’t wait for the hilarity of a five year old! If this is what she comes up with now, it’s only gonna get better.