The newest catch phrase for my three year old is “Hey, what about me?!”. Usually it is stated following me giving something to Tyce, occasionally when I’m talking to Zayd. The tone is always full of contempt and somewhat disbelief at the obvious oversight of her feelings and/or wants. It’s the righteous indignation of a three year old scorned.

I am normally very aware of my three year old. Very rarely do I overlook her. Mostly because she makes it utterly impossible. She is about as quiet as a fireworks show. The other reason is- I’m her mom! It’s my number one job to take care of her. When I wake up in the morning, I think about my kids. When I go to bed, I’m thinking about my kids. My whole world revolves around them. It’s not only my job, it’s what I love. Because I love them, I prepare for them. I think about our day and what they will need to make it comfortably through the day. I do frequently forget something that we need, but I never forget to prepare for them.

I find myself saying a lot lately saying “hey what about me?!?” in my prayer time. So many changes have occurred in such a short amount of time, I am still trying to catch up. I can usually adjust rather quickly to change. It’s just the amount of change that has occurred that is hard to take in. My life now is drastically different from a year ago. Life then was drastically different from a year before that! When I think about life 4 years ago- it didn’t involve any children. It’s amazing the things we have experienced in this past four years. I find my heart crying out “hey what about me, God!” “don’t forget I’m here too.” But my life is anchored by one thing. When I rise in the morning- He’s thinking of me. When I lay down tonight- He’s thinking of me. Unlike my parenting, He never slumbers nor sleeps. He doesn’t ever forget things. He never overlooks my needs. He is constantly changing things for my good. He is faithful when I am not. He is forgiving when I don’t deserve. He is mindful of my every move. Tonight, I will rest in knowing my heavenly Daddy has got me in his plans. He knows tomorrow before I get there. He will never need me to remind him “what about me?”. Instead, I will remind myself “what about Him?”
God give me the wisdom to turn to you in times of chaos!

Have you said what about me lately? Any words of wisdom?