Welcome one and all, young and old, ladies and gentleman toooooooo CRYFEST 2011!!!!!! Its bound to be an amazing matchup today. Who will you be routing for? So much talk surrounding this iconic matchup. I can’t wait to witness the outcome. Sooooo, Lets get to it!

In the first corner – wielding the scream of the century, weighing in at 32 lbs of tall, skinny 3 yr old beauty, been know to throw fits of fury for over 45 minutes, and can implode in less than 2/10th of a second- wwweeeee haaaaaaaave ADDISYN.
Joining her in the FULL diaper of stinky death, packing a kick that could take out even the fittest of mommies, and runs like the wind at the sound of his name, weighing in at 30 lbs of 18 month old toddler cuteness – iiiiisssssss TYCE.
The final addition to the far corner – the baby that is no stranger to every hour of night, has pinpoint accuracy with unending spit up, able to sense any minute if quiet and remedy the situation, 15 lbs and 4 months of blissful life – heeeeeerrrreees ZAYD.

The thriple threat will be taking on none other than – the woman who birthed three children in three years, survived morning (afternoon, evening, middle of the night) sickness, can cloth diaper a squirmy toddler in no more than 90 seconds, can benchpress a full car seat, a toddler and a diaper bag while grocery shopping,  with coupons– iiiiiitttttssssss SUPERMOMMY!!!

(ding ding) and the first round has begun. Addisyn is making the first move with cranky morning whining. Supermom counters with a cup of milk and a stern warning. Addisyn retreats for now, tagging in Zayd who begins his fit of fussiness with intermittent crying sprees that demand he be held. Supermom is fully prepared for this attack. She uses paci of peacefulness followed by her signature move- the tight swaddle!!!
(ding, ding) The triple threat falls to defeat as Supermom takes the first round!

Round two begins (ding, ding) with Tyce falling on the concrete. His wails of pain are enough to give any mom chills. Supermom, however has her handy first aid kit – complete with neosporin AND SUPERMAN bandaids!!!! Tyce tags in his sister again and Addisyn begins her baby talk/complaining combo. Could it be too much for supermom?!?! No! She pulls the time out maneuver and corrects the feisty three year old. Zayd takes the tag with his hunger cry that demands to be attended too. Supermom is fully aware and once again prepared with full nursing capabilities. (ding ding) And round two wraps up with supermom once again declared the victor.

(ding, ding) Round three is jumpstarted with an early wake up from naptime by Tyce. He is not happy and letting the world know it. Supermom attempts to pacify his cries, but this time, the normal attempts are failing miserably. Tyce is wearing down supermom with     every     whine. Addisyn then tags in with a potty accident. Supermom is able to recover and uses her extra pair of clothes to thwart the sneaky attack. Zayd tags in with more fussiness and crying. The swaddle just won’t hold his squirms. Addisyn tags in again with baby talk/cries for attention/whining. Supermom attempts to correct the situation, but before Addisyn tags out, Tyce tags in with climbing the leg to demand attention of his own. (ding, ding) Round three is overwhelming taken by the triple threat of terror!

And heres round four! (ding, ding) Attempting to recover from the beating of round three, supermom goes on the offense with a sprinkler in the hot sun. Appearing to take this round with ease, supermom is overjoyed. But wait, the fun in the sun has backfired….. The triple threat is now more worn out than ever! Demanding to be fed and bathed the trio is, once again, gaining the upper hand. Addisyn is in full on meltdown mode as she resists the hair washing supermom attempts. Tyce is not to happy about having to get out of the tub. Zayd, once again, is needing to be fed- all simultaneously. (ding, ding) Supermom must admit defeat in round four. What a turn of events.

Round five is the determining factor in this thrilling ride. The bell dings as supermom must attempt to pajama all three- with no help at all!!! Tyce attack with his pattented leg kick to the abs while supermom diapers his chunky frame. A little phased, but determined, supermom recovers well and completes the task. Addisyn is next in her flurry of energy. She escapes to jump on the bed, but is wrestled down and clothed for the night. Zayd easily is overpowered by the peek-a-boo maneuver and is soon pajama’d up as well. With a stroke of genius, supermom uses the exersaucer to distract Zayd while she gets Tyce quietly to bed. Addisyn is a little more resistant, but still, no match for the supermoms amazing bedtime story capabilities. Zayd is the final hope for a triple threat victory. He is holding onto the fussy/cry edge when supermom attempts to combo the swaddle, paci AND lullaby WHILE rocking in the rocking chair. It’s…. just….. too…. much…… for the smallest of the three. Within seconds, he is out! (ding, ding) 

And that’s it folks- round five is now completed and what a round it’s been. A comeback victory for supermom after being slaughtered the past two rounds. A stunning upset for the triple threat. Their best attempts proved no match in the end for supermom. I can bet she is taking notes on what she learned during this fight. It will be an amazing sight to see if this will change her tactics for the next matchup. Don’t miss out on attending the next…. CRYFEST!!!!!