I saw a status on Facebook yesterday that made me smile. “It’s hard to decide who has the better Dad- me or my kids. I think it’s a tie.” I would have to agree wholeheartedly!

My Father is a many of action, not of many words. Growing up, I realized, that when words were spoken, they were important. I would have to say, I consider my Father to be one of the wisest people I know. Not just because he’s my dad and I love him. No, I truly think he is extremely wise. From a very young age I knew what my Daddy’s priorities were. I was never an early riser, but when I did get up, my Dad was always to be found at the same spot- the head of the kitchen table. He would be there with about four commentaries, a tablet of paper and his Bible. Every day. He would study God’s Word before the day began. As a child, I took this for granted. I thought that was the norm, as most children assume their home life is the same as everybody’s home life. But, as I approached the teenage years, I realized the rarity of Fathers. First off, Fathers in general- I was a rarity in my peers. I lived at home with both parents. Not many of my friends could even say that! But I also had a stable upbringing. My parents loved God, each other and me. What more could a kid ask for?!

My Father didn’t have the greatest example of Fatherhood. He didn’t have a hands-on, loving father. My Grandfather died before I was even born. But, my Daddy learned the art of fatherhood from many great men. He made it a point to read books about fatherhood from many iconic Christian men of our day- Max Lucado, James Dobson. I think I get my veracious reading appetite from my Father.

Three years ago, I got to experience a while new side to my Daddy. He became a Papa. This was not the first Grandchild he had-actually it was the fifteenth! But, to me, it was a whole new Daddy. He is so patient and loving and kind towards my children. They love him so deeply. I can hear the screams of “Papa” now. It’s like opening a present on Christmas morning. I am so blessed to have a Daddy that places value on eternal things. I consider him an amazing example to my children.

My husband is also an amazing example of Christ to my kids. I have always heard that girls tend to marry their daughters. I never really thought that was true, but in my case, I’m realizing more and more the similarities. My husband is also a man of few words. He is a very hard working man. He loves his God, his kids and his wife. I am very thankful for the similarities that my husband and father share. It was because of my Daddy that I looked for a man of these qualities. My husband is already showing those qualities to his daughter. One day, she will look for those qualities in her future mate.
I knew my husband would be a great father when we first began dating. He was always attentive to whatever child I had with me. And knowing me, I always had kids along! He has been such a great support through every pregnancy. And the way he loves our kids makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Just ask my kids- who’s the one they would rather be with…. With the exception of the one I currently feed, it’s an overwhelming Daddy!!!! I think that speaks for itself. Addisyn adores her Daddy, and rightly so. I’m happy to have a Daddy’s Girl. You can always tell the days she doesn’t get to see her Daddy, she’s off. Tyce has recently discovered the greatness of Daddy. Daddy plays rough, he gets tossed around and slammed down- heaven for an 18 month old! Zayd has yet to go over to the “Daddy side”. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. He smiles and responds to Daddy. He calms down when Daddy talks to him. I believe I’m doomed to have three Daddys kids! Which- I’m ok with. 🙂 Just happy to have an amazing father for my kids to emulate.

So, Ill close with a thank you. Thank you, Daddy, for being my rock. Your the wisest man I know and count it a privilege to be called your daughter. I love you! Thank you Trey for being an amazing example for my kids. Thank you for being my support and the love of my life. That alone provides a safe environment for our kids to grow up in. Thank you for working hard and being a wonderful provider. Our kids (and I) have more than we could ever ask for! Thank you for being a Godly man. Out of all your good qualities, I count this the most important. Thank you and I love you more than life itself!!!