Sometimes I get caught in a rut as a mother. From the moment I wake, till the moment I lay my head on the pillow, my life is consumed with motherhood- and many times, throughout the night. It is what I live and breathe. I am not special in this fact. I would venture to say, all mothers are consumed with their children. You never get to clock out, there are no vacations, there is no time off. I am responsible for my children 100 percent of the time- whether I am with them in that moment, or not. It is a FULL time job.
Sometimes this becomes overwhelming. Sometimes, this fact stresses me out. Sometimes I fail to realize my blessings. I realized this all the more when I read a blog the other day.

Motherhood is a calling caught my eye while scrolling through my Facebook feed. I was curious what it would say that I wouldn’t already know. I believe it is a calling. I believe there is NO HIGHER calling in my life. I believe I could fail at all else and it would not bother me as long as my children were raised to know my God. As long as they knew their mother was a woman of God and taught them the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I would consider my calling fulfilled.

Upon reading this blog, I realized something. My view of Motherhood has been tainted. As much as I loathe the culture I live in’s view of Motherhood, I have almost accepted it. I accept it every time I get mad at my kids for messing up “my” plans. I accept it every time I yell at them for strewing their toys all over “my” living room. I accept it when I have to “miss out” on something because I can’t find a sitter. I love this excerpt “Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps. It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for.”

Now, I do believe we all need a break sometimes. I agree that my children are not the “end-all” of my calling. But after reading this post, I have rethought the way I react to people at the store, or the way I present my attitude towards my children. It’s so easy to get caught up in how hard raising small children can be, that I forget the privilege I have of raising them. I forget that they are my gifts sent straight from heaven. They are the reason I do everything I do. It’s all for them. I think I need to remind myself to stop doing so much FOR them and start doing WITH them more.

I have now changed my answer to the statement she wrote about in the first paragraph. In fact, I used it today while grocery shopping. “my, you have your hands full!” “yes I do- full of good things”. I pray I would live with the reminder of the fact that this life is not my own- I’m here to be a servant. And that, is our HIGHEST calling.