It’s been almost a week now since I’ve blogged. It’s been a crazy week. The weekend was filled with birthday parties (more than one!) garage sale-ing, family time and some rest.

I caught a cold on Saturday and can’t seem to shake it. Which was so not my plan… I had so many things to accomplish this weekend and 0 of them got accomplished. Then, sunday morning, as I’m running late (surprise, surprise!) I grab the diaper bag to discover that ants have found my sons cookies and make a picnic of them. There were HUNDREDS of them in the bag and a huge trail leading to the bag. Ugh! So, crisis mode kicks in and I go to work spraying the ants to death as I shoo my kids into the other room. 15 minutes later, we were on our way to church. Crisis contained, minimal damage, and deep cleanup was scheduled for after church (during naptime).

Following service and lunch, I proceed to vacuum, clean my living room and get it back into working order. Diaper bag is washed, new containers of snacks are stocked (and uber-sealed) and ready to go. Done.

…. Or so I thought. Monday night comes and I settle in on the chair/ottoman for The Bachelorette. I feel something bite me and later realize it was an ant. 😦 However, I spent minimal time on said chair and didn’t realize the extent of the infestation fully until last night.

We ventured to the Zoo yesterday as my Hubby’s little sis is in town for two weeks. It was unbelievably hot, but none the less fun. We made our way to most of the exhibits and escaped around two as the boys were in desperate need of a nap and we were all in need of air conditioning (and a shower!)

Upon arriving home, I discover ants once again on my carpet. I am now determined to find the source, so I go through my furniture, piece by piece till I finally find the infestation. There is a small, no a large army, occupying my chair/ ottoman. I don’t know why or how, but after pulling out said chair, there is a huge line traipsing in my house and going to – who knows what!!! I consider my home fairly clean. I mean, it has changed having three little ones, it’s not as spotless as it once was, but it’s most certainly not dirty! I have no idea why I have these pests! So I go all G I Jane on the creatures. It was a slaughterhouse when I was done. 😦 Thankfully, all the kids were in their beds and none of them were exposed to the amount of ant spray I used.

Commence mission super deep clean everything in sight. I am still attacking the pile of laundry I have to redo because I had clean laundry on THE chair when the infestation occurred.

Upon calling the exterminator, I am told that I shouldn’t have murdered the rascals. What I was supposed to do, I am not sure… Move out? Partition off the chair? Set up blockades?
Oh well, he will be here on Friday (cuz apparently the Great Invasion of 2011 ISN’T crisis enough to come out now) and that should be the end of the colony that chose to wage war on MY household!

To top it off, this sinus stuff won’t seem to leave. I actually think it moved to my ear tonight. My left ear is in so much pain, I actually have a clove of garlic wrapped in cotton, in the opening. It was a home remedy suggestion on Facebook. If you can think of anything better, please do tell, because this pain is no joke! I always wondered why my kids were so fussy with ear infections, now I know!

What a week in this household. But this too shall pass (I’m counting on it). So, if you could send up a prayer or two for this tired momma that’s behind in, well, everything, I would appreciate it greatly.

I guess it’s time to get back to laundry. :/ goodnight all!