I wrote this several weeks ago, but just had to publish it! Sorry it’s a little late!!!

The countdown has begun. You can see the desire in my children’s eyes. They are ecstatic and oh so ready for the movie of the year (for my kids). We are eagerly anticipating the opening weekend of “Cars 2”.

My son’s obsession started about six months ago. That doesn’t sound like very long, however he is only 18 months old. So that makes it a third of his short life. “queen” as he lovingly refers to Lightning McQueen, is now his favorite character ever. He sees him everywhere – and never misses a chance to point him out. While we were doing our last round of pictures, he had his trusty McQueen car with him the entire time- and it made for some pretty cute shots!

On our most recent day away from the kiddos, we stopped by the Disney store. Seeing as how they have one week until the epic release of Cars 2, the store was packed with Cars paraphernalia. My husband and I found one thing after the other that Tyce would love. Finally, we settled on a stuffed McQueen that I figured he would end up sleeping with. He has toted it everywhere since and loves it! I believe it will be going with us to the theatre next week.

I think it’s quite amazing how boys tend to gravitate towards cars and balls of any kind. My daughter could care less about those things. In fact, at his age, I don’t think she even knew how to throw a ball! She’s an active little girl, but she will need extensive instruction before she can pull off any kind of sporting excellence. But my son- different story. I’m pretty sure he was born with a ball in his hand! He loves any type of sports- and he has a little arm on him too- jut ask his brother- who got knocked in the head with a sippy cup last week. He also has this super-human strength. At 18 months old, he is most of the time, stronger than I am. I have just about dropped him -more than once- when he starts to throw his weight around. (not something I want my about-to-be-two-year-old to know!) I can still out-strength (I know there’s got to be a better word) my daughter. But somedays, I just can’t fight him back. He’s at least 30 lbs now and it’s gotta all be muscle! I always say- one day, my boys are gonna buy me a house. Tyce is built to be a defensive lineman! He’s got some meat on him and knows how to push people around. One more than one occasion, a well placed kick during a diaper change has taken my breath away. As long as he keeps that sweet demeanor he’s got, I’m ok with him being a big ol’ bully on the field. Then again, I’m pretty sure he will always be a Momma’s Boy!

(sidenote) Tyce loved the movie and was entertained most of the time. I had to get up and stand with him about 10 minutes before it was over, but other than that- he did great. Now comes the next wait…. For the DVD release! šŸ™‚