One good thing about the 100+ weather here in Texas is the fact it takes about 15 min to dry my diapers on the line!

I’d like to brag on my hubby now for putting up a clothesline for me in the backyard this week. I have been wanting one ever since I started my cloth diaper journey in December.
Well, maybe it was spring before I wanted one…. There’s really no point in hanging out clothes in the cold! At first, I didn’t see the need for a clothesline- my diapers dried faster in the dryer. Plus, it was so much easier to toss them in then to walk outside to hang my diapers… I mean, I’m not THAT old school, I reasoned. Then again, I AM using cloth diapers!

So, here’s how it all started…
A friend I have with 3 of her own switched to cloth last year. I watched her kiddos and changed a few, so I knew I could do it. Problem was- she had pre-folds and covers. I knew with my kiddos sensitive skin, having pee-soaked cloth against their toosh wasn’t even a consideration. My first child spent her first year in and out of the dr office- because of diaper rash. We tried EVERYTHING!!! we did three different creams, and finally ended up with a cream that a local pharmacy makes that the pediatrician created to battle her issues!! She would have a bleeding butt for days at a time. She had several ear infections in her first year, which caused them to write prescriptions. It never failed- 2 days later- we were back, with diaper rash! Sometimes it was yeast, most of the time it was the antibiotics. 😦 We were referred to An ENT for tubes, but decided to wait it out, and I’m glad we did. She has had one ear infection since she was 15 mos to now at 3.5 yrs.

So, when Tyce was born, I was prepared for diaper rash. He never got the diaper rash addisyn had till about 9 mos. (he also wasn’t on antibiotics till then either!) I had looked into cloth several times, but could never convince the hubby to think about it. Well, at 4 mos preggo with a 9 month old and a 2 yr old… $250 a month was what we would be looking at for diapers soon!

I continued my research and found pocket diapers. They have inserts that you put in a shell. The inside is made of microfiber that wicks away moisture and pulls it into the insert. I made my first purchase of two for my daughter. If nothing else, I could use them for overnight instead of the ridiculously expensive pull ups we were using.

I fell in love! They were so cute and easy to use. I put Tyce in them a couple times before we decided to take the plunge. I spent two months of “diaper budget” and got a full load of boys diapers (and a diaper sprayer!). I started with Tyce right away. He has been in them since he was a year. Since then- diaper rash is almost non-existent. I wish I had known the power of cloth with Addisyn. I could have saved so much heartache for the two of us! Zayd has been in cloth since about three weeks. I was out of pocket for my regular duties and adding diaper laundry to hubs wasn’t something I wanted to do. (he had so much to take care of already!) I haven’t looked back since. I love the way they work on my kids. Never in a million years would I have thought I would cloth diaper my children. I didn’t even know people still did that! But apparently there are tons of parents out there who do. I’ve even tried my hand at making a few. Didn’t turn out to bad. I’m still in the tweaking stage (if I ever find time to sew again) and would like to start a small business. But for now, I think I have enough on my plate! Something I have to remind myself daily.


Now, I’m not one of those crazy, green, crunchy, crispy, whatever you want to label it, moms. I just happen to have found something that works for me and my kids. Several people I know think I’m crazy for cd-ing. But the time I spend on cding is so worth the $250 a month spent on diapers. Plus, it is green- which makes me feel good about my contribution- although it isnt the reason I started or continue to cd. It’s like a little bonus!


So now, I actually look forward to hanging my laundry out to dry. It saves heat from the dryer, it makes them smell so good and cuts down on electricity costs (something that can break the bank with record shattering triple digit days in TX!)

My CD experience has caused me to look at the world a little differently. The next time someone asks me to try something new, maybe I won’t be so resistant. I now love the thing I would never try. And my kids (and my pocketbook) have benefited from that. The next time someone asks you “have you ever tried _______” think about it before you brush off the idea. You never know- it COULD work for you!

P.s. If you want more cloth diaper info- comment me how to contact you- I can try and help! 🙂