It has begun. There is no turning back. The days of having a non-mobile baby are OVER!!!

I cannot believe my baby boy crawled sunday night. He went all over the living room. I was so proud! We videoed him several times cuz it was just so cute. Then it hit me- I now REALLY have three children. He will be following the other two everywhere. I have to admit- I cried a little.

Where have the last six months gone? I feel like I was pregnant just yesterday. He was born not so long ago. And now, I have another mobile child in my house. Wow. This goes under the category “things I am not prepared for!” right next to “times I wish I could freeze time”.

Sunday morning I was commenting on how he only scoots backwards. I think it’s too cute! He wanted to go so bad, but couldn’t figure out how to go forward. Well, he got it sunday night. We were sitting in the living room just chillin after the older two had gone to bed and he just started going. The cool part was that Trey was home. I think this is the first child he has seen crawl for the first time! Usually, he’s at work. I was so excited he was there- we both videoed him all over the living room. šŸ™‚

Three children- mobile. I’m still in shock a little. But, I guess it’s time to put on my big girl pants and take on this new chapter with a positive outlook. Hey- at least I won’t have to carry the car seat much longer. That will be something I won’t miss. It’s too heavy with him in it now anyway!

So many changes- I’m trying hard to keep up. I guess this is the time to just let go and let God. I say that I trust him with my mouth, now it’s time to prove it with actions. I am not doing that good of a job hanging on anyway! I might as well just hand over the anxiety of losing control and enjoy the ride. He knew when Zayd was created that I could handle this. His word says he doesn’t give us more than we can bear. Borrowing a saying I have heard used – sometimes I think God thinks more of me than he should! I’m really not all that capable… Lol. Or maybe I wish He would think I’m not all that capable!

I am pretty sure he’s cutting two teeth as well. All my children were overachievers when it comes to teeth. They don’t believe in cutting one at a time. Addisyn always did 2 at a time. Tyce – 4 at a time šŸ˜¦ I guess there are pros. You get it all over with at the same time! I’m just ready to have it over! So- if you need something to add to your list of prayers this week- send one my way if you think of it. I could use all the prayers I can get! I am blessed beyond measure and literally overwhelmed with all my blessings. I can think of worse things… Thank you Lord for my life!!!