Oh how I love pictures!! Capturing moments is so important to me. When Addisyn was born, I remember thinking how precious she was and that I would always remember her little hands and feet and special things she did. Three and half years later, I can barely remember what she did last week, much less what she was doing at 6 months! I am so glad I made it a priority to get pictures done.

My husband wasn’t quite so thrilled with shelling out loads of cash every three months for pictures, but I knew I would cherish them later on. I like to get pictures done at birth, 3, 6, 9 months, a yr, 18 mos, 2 yrs then every year after. The amount of change that occurs in this little amount of time is astounding. I wanted to be sure I had that to look back on when they were older. And so far, It’s totally worth it ( I hope hubby agrees now!)

Addisyn looks oh so grown up now compared to this (one of my favorite pics of her) shot at 9 months. She had just mastered standing on her own and I was so proud!

Tyce’s 9 month pics were so much fun. He did such a great job posing, and I even got in on the action! 🙂 Christina Bunger has done several photo sessions for us and ALWAYS has impecable work. She also did an amazing job on Zayd’s birth. But, more about that later…

We recently had his 18 month pictures done and I LOVE them! I mean LOVE….  them!!! Addisyns 18 mo pictures were at Kiddie Kandids (the place I USED to love) and they turned out good, but I almost thought some of the poses didn’t really capture HER. You know, the person that she was at that age- the smile she had, the curiosity she possessed, her little attitude and personality- didn’t quite shine through like I wanted.

So, for Tyce’s 18 month pics, we went a totally different route. We took them outside- and Sally Owens was AMAZING!!! By far, this session was the most stress free session EVER in my 3.5 yrs of parenting! It flowed so easily. We had so much fun. I can’t remember EVER enjoying a photo session. They are always so stressful and frustrating (when you have a child that refuses to cooperate!). But this session was so much fun!

I love how he carried his trusty “Lightning McQueen” the entire time!!! :0)

She also did Zayd’s 3 month photos. He was very happy and loved the added attention that was sent his way.

Sally was such a pleasure to work with and she has such a sweet heart. I’m sure we will be using her in the future. She has sucha  unique view of little ones that I love. Here’s the ones she got of the two boys!

Ok – now back to Christina Bunger. She and Ceci Jane did Zayd’s birth photography. Both my boys were born at home. Zayd was my first waterbirth and quite possibly my last baby, so I wanted to capture his birth.

They were both AMAZING!!! Ceci even did a video of the birth that I will cherish forever. Christina came back following his birth to do a newborn session. SO much work went into the last photo, it’s not even explainable. But none the less, it is an AMAZING picture. It was exactly what I wanted from this day of work. (and it was a day! Christina was so amazing to stay and get the images I wanted from the session! Thanks Christina!)

The latest photos I had done were Zayd’s 6 month photos. I found Dana Perkins on Facebook  because she took photos at our local Chick-fil-A’s Polar Express Night. She needed baby models for this summer and we were more than happy to oblige. She has given us this preview and I am so in love with this little boy. She captured him so well. 🙂

I loved reminiscing about my babies. I will continue to document my kiddos lives with photo’s. If you have some favorite photographers – please share! I love seeing various works. Hope you enjoyed seeing my babies as much as I enjoyed searching through a million photos!! (maybe Trey was right, maybe we do take too many!)