I had the privilege of visiting my best friend this week. They live about 2 hrs away. Her husband enlisted about a year and a half ago- we are so blessed to have them stationed near us now. It was an answer to prayer!

Chris & Tasha are pretty much considered family. Tasha and I are similar in similar in SO many ways, but just different enough not to annoy the crud out of one another! We became friends before Trey and I were married. They were our first “couple friends”. Aunt Tasha and Uncle Chris were there for all of Addisyn’s firsts. When we had our second, we actually got to experience pregnancy together! We were 3 weeks apart, but Paige came early and Tyce was LATE… So, they ended up 7 weeks apart. It’s so amazing to share something so special with a close friend!

They just found out they are expecting their second and I am so excited!! Pregnancy for neither one of us is easy but I’m praying this one is much better than the last. She suffered from very bad morning sickness. Spending a day with her was so much fun. The kids got along GREAT. Normally, when they come back home, grandparents have Paige, so it was really nice to get to see her. She is such a sweet baby girl. She’s a tiny girl, but full of fire. She is so much like her momma! Tasha is such a good mom, I am looking forward to their next arrival- a much anticipated (and loved already) baby!

In the past, I’ve had the privilege of having very close friends. There’s nothing like being able to share everything with someone and know that you are “safe” in their hands. I found my ultimate friend about 7 years ago and decided to keep him around forever. Every year brings more security to our friendship- that safe place to land. My husband will always be my closest friend.

When Tasha moved away, and other circumstances removed friends from our lives- I found myself lonely and a little hurt. Not from betrayal or pain, but from separation. It hurts not being able to continue a previously good relationship. It’s a void that shows through- like something is missing.

I wonder how many times I’ve done that to God. We may not turn our back on him and walk away. We may not be living in sin, but there are times of closeness and not-so-closeness when we allow other things to keep us from him. I believe he hurts over not being able to talk to us daily. God created us as relational creatures. He also formed us after his image. Just as we desire relationship, He desires our relationship. Is he dependent on it, no. He doesn’t need us to complete him. But he desires it. He longs to know intimacy with us. I find myself involved in so much, sometimes I forget that the creator of the universe wants to have a minute of my time.

I miss Tasha’s closeness so greatly, but our relationship carries on. It’s different than before, but change happens and it will be ok. Its a new chapter, a new season. Maybe one day we will be again close in space. For now we will remain close on heart.
I don’t ever want to accept distance from my God, though. Its something that is not ok- something that can be easily remedied. All it takes is one step back towards his arms. Today, I’m going to make sure to talk to the maker of the stars!