Well- life as I know it is drastically different. We officially survived the first week of school! 🙂 I can honestly say I believe I made a great decision in putting Addisyn in K3! I was so worried- but most of that has subsided. She is loving it!

Monday was the real test- thankfully Trey had the morning off, so we all went as a family. This, of course, caused more tears than I deem “normal” which I attribute to the presence of her Daddy. She is a Daddy’s girl to the T! And rightly so, but I hoped the rest of the year wouldn’t be as difficult. I forced myself to walk away despite the cries for help (though, I did stand out of sight until said cries ceased- one step at a time!!!!) she quickly calmed and was playing with toys when we left the premises. Pick-up was quite joyful, although a little depressing on my part. I was greeted, not with a “Mommy” or “I missed you” -NO, the first words out of her mouth were “I thought Daddy was going to pick me up!” -oh well, I have two more chances to be the ONE for my kiddos. 😉 To Addisyn, I’m afraid I’ll always play second fiddle. I’m nowhere near the greatness that is her Daddy. All-in-all. First day. Success!
Wednesday began a whole new world of crazy. Not only is Addisyn back in dance this year 🙂 but, Tyce is now going to Mother’s Day Out. So, our morning is insane! Plus the fact that I HAVE to sign Addisyn into her classroom. It goes something like this- up at 6, leave by 7:40, get all three out at school at 7:55, walk Addisyn to class-8, load the boys back up -8:10, go to work – 8:20, take Tyce to mdo – 8:40, back to work – 9, pick Tyce up -2, pick Addisyn up – 3, back to church to change Addisyn/feed Zayd, dance at 4, Chick-fil-A at 5, church at 6, home about 8:30ish. Phew. What a day! Tyce did amazing at mdo though. It thought it was quite funny that Addisyn shed tears on her second day (she leaves me ALL the time) but Tyce (rarely is gone) walked in his new classroom like he owned the place and waved good bye! He was quite nonchalant when I came to pick him up as well…. It was like “oh, your here now, ok…” Totally not what I expected, but I was very glad he was quite content. 🙂 Addisyn (my dramatic one) was overjoyed at my arrival on Wednesday. Apparently, it was ok with her I was there THAT time. I was greeted with shrieks and squeals Dance class went great for Addisyn- not so great for the two rambunctious boys that were supposed to sit in the waiting room quietly. But we survived and Chick-fil-A was wonderful in helping burn off the extra energy the kiddos had. Church was eventful to say the least- the power was out! Thankfully, our nursery and kids rooms have windows. Adult service was moved outside because the sanctuary was pitch black. I must say, I rather enjoyed the impromptu service, even if it was 102. It’s nice to be reminded not to get into a rut of the same routine of church. It was a change of pace and actually – refreshing!

Friday was quite smooth. Addisyn was confident in going to school- still some whining and fussing, but nothing major. She is proud to be in school! I am so proud and excited as well. She came home this week with a writing page already. Her L’s look pretty good for a 3 year old. They are currently hanging on our fridge. Half as a I’m proud of you thing and half as a reminder that this decision was a good one. (For those of you that haven’t caught on- I may still be struggling a little with this!)
None the less- life goes on. And another week is quickly approaching. Im finding less and less time to write- but things are always on my mind. Eventually, they will get out. But for now- SLEEP is more important!

What have your little ones newly approached lately? How have they surprised you? I’d love to know!