As a woman- I am always looking for great deals. I used to enjoy shopping, but after becoming a mom- I love shopping for my kids! It’s so fun to choose their wardrobe. But clothes for kids do not come cheap. My Mom invited me to my first consignment when I was pregnant with my first. It was such fun seeing gently used items for a fraction of the retail price. (Plus it was a night of fun away from the normalacy of life) Thus began my consignment love affair. It started as a convienience- but, like my family, quickly grew into a necessity.

I began to consign my own items when Addisyn was about a year. I realized I could simply sell the things I didn’t use/need and recycle that cash into things I did! I attended many consignments, but none compared to Divine Consign. It was- by far- the largest and most particular. The clothes I found were quality and the prices were wonderful. Also, as a consigner- I found it was the highest percentage I would receive if I consigned my items. This fall marks my 6th sale with DC. I was actually overwhelmed at the pre-sale this year. I am usually ready to take on the largest of shopping trips, but after 3 hours of shopping, I still hadn’t gone through Zayds size. (probably a good thing for my pocketbook, plus Tyce has hand me downs for him!) the presale was a success as I snagged a Cars Couch, plenty of clothes, a Cars lamp and two Cars figurines (are you sensing a theme?!) Tyce was overjoyed at my finds- Addisyn has more clothes than she will know what to do with, and by my estimations of what I will sell- I may have spent $50. Not bad!

Today I will return for the 75% off sale. Yep- 75% off already cheap stuff! Heaven!!!! Consigners may choose to discount or donate their items following the sale. If it is marked to donate- it goes 75% off during the last couple hours of the sale. So- you can pick up GREAT deals on the leftovers. It’s worth going just for the .75 cent outfits! šŸ™‚
I usually get the kids next season wardrobe during each sale. Another great thing about DC is the fact that they do spring and fall consignments. All clothing consigned must be season appropriate – no shorts at fall sale or long sleeves at spring sale. And its not just clothes either- like I mentioned earlier, I got a cars couch, some sippy cups, another Bumbo (so I can have one at the office and one at home) and a car bottle warmer (for those rare occasions we need one…. It was only $3!!).
Pretty much anything associated with babies/kids you can find there.

I would consider this season a great success and am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Grapevine sale at the end of September. I will for sure be going to the 75% off day. If anyone wants to join me- feel free! šŸ˜‰ Check out local consignments in your area for great deals on gently used items- then let me know…. I LOVE a great deal!