1. 4 kids- not much more work than 3. If it didn’t involve 6 months of puking my guts up, 5 months of non-stop heartburn. Braxton hicks for 10+ weeks and looking like a beached whale- I wouldn’t mind having another.
2. Triple venti mocha – not a joke! Do not drink if you would like to go to sleep in the next 12 hours!!! However- if you need to drive home after a long tiring day- it does the job of keeping you awake!
3. Moving with 4 kids- never something I would like to attempt on my own!
4. A day with your best friend is priceless- even if you spend it moving. The conversation is still sweet while hauling boxes. (even when the car battery dies and your stranded with a vehicle packed to the hilt) -yes, life is always exciting around here!!!
5. My to-do list at work will never actually get completed… It may get shorter, but new things will always get added before tasks are completed. Looks like I’m guaranteed job security! 🙂 Not a complaint- merely an observation that needs to be acknowledged for my OCD personality.
6. Prayer changes things- even if it is just my attitude! Time spent in prayer is never wasted. It produces fruit even when it can’t be seen right away.
7. Laundry can and will overtake my house unless I fight like crazy- daily- to keep it at bay.
8. My kids could care less if there is clean laundry on the couch for a week. Not once did I get asked about it- even by my hubby. Did it bother me- yes, but I’m working on that. I’d much rather play dinosaur and hike a football to my son anyway!
9. Preparation does pay off. When you work hard enough before an event, the actual work done during is quite minimal and semi-enjoyable if you keep the stress level under control.
10. Completing a 7.25 mile run isn’t as hard as I thought. I still have A LOT of work to do- but I CAN do this! 🙂

Phew- I’m so not ready for a whole new week, but ready or not- here it comes…..

What did you learn last week?