Five days till my birthday and celebrating early just seemed like the thing to do today. It’s been a rough week and it’s only Tuesday! I have a friend who celebrates all month long. I usually enjoy her birthday month more than I enjoy mine! When your born on the first, you can’t stretch it out all month as easily, but believe me, I’ve tried! 

Sunday was a full day. I ran my personal farthest – 8 miles! I also ran it in decent time. I wasn’t impressed, but certainly not disappointed either. Seven weeks till race day and everything is on track (pun intended). Sunday also brought a surprise. My nephew, whom I haven’t seen in FOREVER, came to church. We had plans that afternoon, but they had to be cancelled for this spur of the moment visit. It was SO nice to see him. I didn’t realize how much I truly missed him until then. The afternoon was spent with the whole family and food and football!

Monday came (as they always do) in full Monday glory. We were late to school and late to work, probably on account of me being late to get my bottom out of bed… But, it was a semi-productive Monday. I say semi because I got done about half of what I hoped to do and alot of what I hadn’t planned to do. Good news is, the work will still be there later. After work and picking up Addisyn from school, we ventured to the Y as usual. Mondays are my light days, I walk mostly, maybe run a mile, but mostly work out the soreness from Sunday’s long run. About 20 minutes into my workout, I was interrupted by the kids club staff coming to tell me Addisyn had gotten sick. I was shocked! Poor baby was crying and a mess when I came in to get her. Thankfully, a staff member carried Zayd to the car while I carried Addisyn. We got home and no sooner than I got all three unloaded and Addisyn settled into her couch, she was asleep. We managed to snag an evening appointment at her pediatricians office. I called about 3 friends to check and see f they could watch the boys while I ran her to the Doctor, but to no avail.

So- I packed up the boys, got them in the car, went to wake up Addisyn (against my desire to let her sleep) and get her in the car. I should have known what would come next, and suppose maybe I did because, thankfully, I was almost prepared. As soon as I sat Addisyn in her seat, she started spewing. I grabbed what I could – a tin purse Daddy had bought her on our latest garage sale trip- and missed only a little. After dumping said purse, we were on our way. Addisyn clutched the thing for dear life the entire 10 minute ride and managed to stay well. I was eternally grateful for the lack of vomit in my vehicle.

The trek into the doctors office was quite amusing, I would assume to an observer. I loaded up the boys in my amazing double stroller that I love and hoisted Addisyn onto my hip with the diaper bag strapped to my back. I must have looked like a hot mess- mind you, I was sill in my bright green running shirt and shorts from my failure of a workout. At least my lime green stroller matched. (yes, I am a little OCD!)

After a 15 minute wait- in the lobby, no less, where there is very little – ok, NOTHING- to entertain an energetic 22 month old or keep my should be napping 8 month old from screaming, while my pitiful little girl is clinging to me as if she would die if even asked to let go- we finally get into the exam room. The nurse takes one look at my baby girl and swabs her throat before we even see the doctor. Insert an equally long wait here, but this time include crayons and toys that are provided in the rooms and somehow, it didn’t seem quite as long as the previous wait…. The swab confirms my suspicions – it’s strep. Hopefully, we’ve caught it early enough to prevent the spread of it to the rest of the family. Returning home, the boys are put straight to bed and Addisyn is laid out on her couch with Pedialyte popsicles (greatest invention EVER!!!) I let her stay up a little longer than usual just so I can hold her- we watched a bit of Monday night football. She was somewhat feeling better, because she would actually hold a conversation with me. One went like this-
A: Mommy, where’s Aaron? (yes, she’s asking about Aaron Rodgers- for those of you who are football illiterate, he’s the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, my favorite team)
Me: he’s not playing tonight. Remember he played yesterday?
A: oh, then who is that playing.
Me: well, those are the redskins.
A:oooo, and look, there’s the blue-skins too! (cowboys)

It was too cute, and I really wanted to post the comment to Facebook, but alas. I have there children that need tending to, and frankly, the only time I can blog or fb is while they are asleep! Hence writing this post at 11:39pm.

So, today was filled with lots of TLC, the changing of every sheet in the house- about 15+ loads of laundry and dishes out the wazoo. But, I believe I succeeded. Not once, during one of my 35 checks of temperatures, did either of the boys register higher than 98. Hopefully, crisis averted.

Tonight, my friend had offered to get pedicures as a birthday celebration. Trey was working late, but Christiana was able to watch the kiddos while I went out by myself. The pedicure was amazing. It has been way too long since my last one. The conversation was enjoyable and peaceful. It was already past bedtime, so I took my time following the pedicure.  I actually took a book and went out to eat- all by myself. I truthfully think the last time I went out to eat alone was before I got married. Which would be about 6 years ago. It was divine. I ate till I was about to burst. I ate slowly, enjoying the quiet and taste of my food. I am usually so concerned that at any moment, one of my children will cut our meal short, that I shovel food in as quickly as possible. It was so nice to be able to have someone wait on me and just read.

Following my dinner, I went to Target to pick up a few necessities. I found myself, at the end of the shopping trip, looking at the dollar section. They had socks foe sale. Not just any socks, mind you. No. Princess socks. I feel the need to explain my daughters recent obsession with socks. She must have on a pair every night before bedtime. Preferably the pink aurora socks, I they are clean. Second choice would be pink Minnie mouse, or possibly barbie, but only if there are no princess socks available. (it dawns on me in this moment that OCD might actually be genetic…) So, consequently, I find myself rifling through the bins (yes, there were more than one) of socks. I first find Aurora and just about verbally exclaim my excitement. But then I realize I am in the middle of Target looking at socks. Ten minutes later I have a treasure trove of socks – 2 cars socks for Tyce, the Aurora ones previously mentioned, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. I feel like I should do a victory lap around the dollar isle. I restrained myself… Barely.

Walking out of Target, my night alone is quickly coming to an end. It was so wonderful. I enjoyed being alone for the first time in forever. But, I realized, at moments that I missed my little family. I enjoyed the salad at Olive Garden, but Addisyn wasn’t there to eat the olives and onions (the only things I don’t like in the salad, she loves) I can’t remember the last time I actually ate the croutons- Tyce always gets those, there his favorite. I found myself setting them to the side. When I walked in target, I had to force myself to take a regular cart. I automatically walked to the extra large ones with the toddler seats in front. I believe it was the first time in years I wasn’t forced to go down the barbie or princess aisle by a pleading little girl. I almost went anyway….

At the pedicure we were discussing how different life used to be. I’m turning 27 on Saturday and just 5 years ago, I was a newlywed. We had no intention of being where we are now, then. Life is drastically different than it used to be. And, I wouldn’t trade any of it. I am so blessed. I love our big little family. My husband is an amazing, hard-working, god-fearing, family man, whom I am still as madly in love with as the day we were married. That’s not true, I’m positive I love him more now. If this amount of change took place in five years, I can only imagine what’s gonna happen in the next five years.

Thank you God for another year of life. May they continue to be richer as I grow older. Thank you for my life!