Tyce has a new habit lately. It comes around every day, right after I smell a particular scent wafting from his direction

“Tyce, are you poopy?!”
Tyce- “no”
“are you sure your not poopy?!”
Tyce- “Nooooo”
“Tyce, come here and let Mommy change your diaper.”
Tyce “NONONONONO….” followed by a quick and not-so-stealthy exit from whatever room we are in to go hide in a random corner that he is SURE mommy won’t find him in. And when the inevitable occurs, kicking and screaming commence as I wrestle his freakishly strong body to the ground to clean the mess he has made. It never ceases to amaze me how he would rather live with his poop then come to me to change it.

I can hear some of you now- he’s a boy. Yes, he is. However, he’s the child that, when he spills any drop of water on his shirt- he must change his clothes. He’s the one that, if he gets marker on his hands, he will cry until I scrub it off. He’s the child that sees dirt on the floor and insists Mommy clean up the mess. This child is a neat freak- at 22 months!!!! But somehow- changing a poopy diaper is the worst thing I could ever subject him to.

How often would you like to sit in your own stench? Can you imagine fighting the person that desires to help you? Kicking them away from cleaning you off. Forcing them to wrestle with you just to make your life better.

Our Heavenly Father desires so much for us on a daily basis. He offers help minute by minute, day by day. How often do we ignore his call. How often do we brush it off and say- next time. Not only that, but how often are we so particular about one area, while ignoring the stench surrounding our own life.

Then there are days I find myself sitting in my own poo. (figuratively, of course!) Sometimes I think it’s easier just to stay there. There are days I would rather just have a “bad day”. There are days I refuse to change my attitude. There are days when I yell at my kids- instead of yelling in the mirror. I know what it’s like to run and hide in the corner- thinking maybe no one will see me here. Or maybe I’m just putting a certain area forward like “look- look at my clean shirt! No- don’t smell my mess. Pay attention to the things I DO have in order!” I convince myself that tomorrow will be better- I’ll change my attitude then. Tomorrow I’ll have more sleep, more patience, I’ll have it all together then.

Truth is- I’ll never have it all together. None of us will. And the Father knows that. He knows the depth of our mess, yet chooses to love us anyway. Chooses to wash us clean daily- fully knowing we will make a new mess tomorrow (if we wait that long!)

I’m thankful for a God who chooses to bring us out of our mess rather than demanding we come to him clean. Aren’t you?!