Oh how I love new things. Excitement, a little nerves, but mostly just anticipation of what’s to come. Honestly, I have NO idea what awaits me (or us) in 2012. I have my hopes, my dreams and my desires- but I’ve learned how those tend to fall to the wayside. Regardless, I feel as I I should list my biggest goals/wants for 2012.

1. My daughter to cease throwing fits.
– maybe its a little childish of me to think that this could/should happen. She is, after all, MY child, and I am nothing if not strong willed. I choose to view this trait as a positive one. She will not be a person who struggles with peer pressure- she could care less what others think. She will be an excellent student with a high drive to succeed. The minor issues I have with this character trait now can’t compare to the positives it will bring her later in life. I don’t want to break her will, simply bend it to correction. I want her to be easily taught as well as highly motivated. I’m praying that her fourth birthday will bring with it this overwhelming sense of being a “big girl” and she can talk out her issues rather than resort to incessant screaming and crying. Please Lord- let it be!!!

2. Running a marathon.
– only recently has this been put on my bucket list. After an unsuccessful 10 mile run Friday (that turned into a 6 miler) I decided maybe the spring is a little over-zealous. I would like to have another half under my belt before I attempt the full, yet it is a goal I hope to accomplish this year.

3. Read the Bible more.
– and by more, I mean I want to read it through at least once this year. I want to become a student of the word in action and not just belief. As a mother of three small children, quiet time doesn’t come easy. Yet, I hope to take advantage of those waiting moments. I desire to remain in a constant state of putting Christ first in everything I do.

4. Spend more time with my kiddos.
– I am with them constantly, yet I overlook them more than I would like to admit. Life gets in the way. Dinner must be cooked, laundry folded and beds made. But this year, I would like to be more aware of the fleeting moments that surround me. Next week, my baby might be walking- he won’t want to be held as much as he does now. So I hope I choose to let myself slide and hold my baby rather than wash that dish… (we’ll see how this plays out…)

5. Be a more thoughtful wife.
– its been 5 years and I am still may in love, yet there are times I fail to show my husband that. He works so hard to provide for us and this year I hope to make him aware of how blessed I am to share this life with him. We will have our ups and downs, but I pray I am able to set a positive tone for the way our family functions in our daily lives. I would like to complain less and compliment more. šŸ™‚

Above all else- I want God’s will for our lives this year. I am so ready for Him to take us to the next level. I desire for the Wagner’s to know Christ in a way we haven’t before. So, I take my list and present it to Him today and ask that above all else – His will be done. If at the end of the year, we have lived in the center of His will- I will have accomplished everything I desire. I’ll leave you with this verse-” In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 NIV)

Establish my steps this year, O God- establish OUR steps.