I dislike rain- I REALLY dislike rain. I’ve realized now that its for selfish reasons, but it still doesn’t change my opinion. Think about how hard it is to get out of the house with three small children. On a regular day. Without the need for jackets and rain boots and umbrellas. It’s a challenge just loading the kids in the car in the garage… Yesterday was spent running errands- in the rain. :/ First stop was the church. Thankfully there is an awning where I can park right next to the doorway. But inevitably, Tyce takes the opportunity to play in the adjacent puddle while I get Zayd out. He is now soaked to his elbows. He is NOT one of those boys who doesn’t care if he is dirty either- nope. My son has inherited my small obsession with cleanliness, yet it only hits at the most inoppurtune times. Like right after he plays in a puddle. He is now overly concerned that his arms are wet and is bent on believing that he needs a wipey to dry his shirt. Oh how I love two year old logic.
Stop number two is to the grocery store. Not so easy this time around – there are NO parking spots anywhere near a cart corral, much less a door. So plan B is put into effect. I become the amazing contortionist mother and unhook both boys from their seats, somehow get Zayd in the Boba carrier and the diaperbag on my back before opening a door. Impressive maybe, but I underestimate how long it takes a 2 and 4 yr old to exit a vehicle through the same door. I am now soaked much more than Tyces sleeves. Thankfully the kids jackets and hoodies do their job- mine probably would have, had I not left it on the passengers seat. Commence grocery shopping with one in the front pack, one in the cart and one walking beside the cart- oh no wait- potty break first (announced only after walking the entire length of the store to the opposite side of the bathrooms).
Stop number three is McDonalds. This is a reward for the kiddos being good – they were promised a playplace and ice cream. Again, I manage to get everyone out of their seats and ready to go in while still keeping all doors closed- but at this point it’s practically useless. The kids jackets are soaked, my shirt (thankfully it’s red) is now drenched and my hair looks as if I’ve just stepped out of the shower- yet before I’ve had a chance to comb through it… And to top it off, Tyce finds jumping in every puddle we see utterly irresistable. Add to that the fact that I am short, so my jeans all touch the ground, meaning that my thirsty Levi’s are now thoroughly quenched to my knees and you have the glorious picture that is a Mommy of three small children in the rain. Let me say it again- I dislike rain.

But I love the effects of the rain. How it cleanses, quenches and leaves the unmistakable smell of newness. I love how spring brings new life- the budding trees, the yet to bloom flowers. The spring showers seem to wash away the winter and bring hope of the new season. Today was quite a different story. The downpour yesterday has left this fresh beautiful green grass everywhere. Ok- they are mostly weeds, but a girl can pretend, can’t she?! It was the most beautiful day- high in the mid 60s, slight breeze- a little cold, but just a perfect day to be outside. Following a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap, I decided we needed to venture out. Not wanting to pack up the kids- I decided on a walk. I thought the older two could take their power wheels and I could push Zayd. But when they saw Mommy break out the stroller, they decided to follow suit. So there we were – the three of us with our strollers: Addisyn and her pink stroller packed with Bear Bear and her pink puppy, Tyce with his red stroller with Elmo tucked safely inside and Zayd chillin in the front of the double stroller. He found it to be quite the treat seeing as how he is usually confined to the back being the smallest and all.


It was the best idea I have had in months. I wish I could bottle those moments from today. At one point, Addisyn and Tyce were racing and giggling so hard, I thought they would pass out. Tyce fell twice while trying to keep up, but didn’t let either fall phase him. He simply got back up and ran harder to catch up! At another point, Addisyn started singing (more like half-yelling/bellowing) Jesus Loves Me. As Tyce joined in, I took a mental note of how proud I was. Over and over, they obeyed my instructions. They walked carefully on the streets without sidewalks and ran with abandon when I said it was safe. Every left over puddle was trampled through and every dandelion was blown on our hour-long trek. Neither one asked me to push their stroller. Not once did any of them cry or whine. It was perfect. We took in the beauty of Gods creation freshly watered for us. Today was a beautiful day. I pray I forever cherish these fleeting moments of my children’s lives. I pray these mental snapshots will live on in my memory. The smell of the day after the rain. The sound of my children’s laughter. The look of the joy in their eyes at the prospect of adventure. The feel of their tiny hands holding mine. Maybe the rain isn’t so bad after all….