To my Mother- who gave me more than I thought was possible to give- The woman who showed me what true unconditional love was- I never knew how much you truly lived me until I had my own baby girl. I never knew how much worry went into a day. I never thought that my actions could bring utter joy or crushing devastation to your life. The woman who held me when I cried for no reason, searched the world for answers when I was hurting, stayed up late to fold my clothes, and towels, and do dishes, and make my lunch. To the woman who chose to sacrifice whatever was necessary I her life to bring contentment to mine. The woman who taught me that patience is a virtue, love is free-but not cheap, God is good-even when we think he may not be, and that life is what you make it. She is my inspiration. She makes me a better mother. She made it possible for me to be the woman I am today. For all the late nights, dirty diapers, stomach flu’s, ear aches, teething episodes, slumber parties, pillow fights, doctor appointments, band-aids, birthdays, car rides, voice lessons, love, sweat and tears- I say the only two words I have that couldn’t possibly convey my gratefulness for the things you have given me- thank you.
Thank you for life- I wouldn’t change a thing, because it has brought me here, to the beauty of raising my own children with the prayer that one day, they will be able to raise confident, God-fearing, kind and loving children of their own. Because they learned by example.