There are days when I get nostalgic about running. Days when I dream I can run a half marathon at an 8 minute pace, days I think running a 10 min mile is so slow, days I wish I could run but my schedule doesn’t permit me to without loosing the precious little sleep I do get. I have those days when I boldly proclaim “I am a runner” and “I love to run!”. While all those things are true, I am quickly reminded of reality. I ran two miles this morning- not 10, not 8, not 14-like I did a couple weeks ago. TWO MILES. Easy peasy, right? I could so run 2 miles in my sleep! So in preparation for the upcoming runs, I decided to pace myself- run a 10 min mile and hold back a little, after all- I can run a 9 min pace 5k- so two miles at 10:00 min pace is no big deal. The start is fun, I’m doing fine, no big deal, just chillin- in fact I have to remind myself to slow down a time or two- don’t want to push too hard. One mile done, and my knee starts hurting, I turn into the wind and it’s starting to get hot- ok, no big deal, just keep going. One and a quarter- knee is REALLY hurting. Keep going, pace drops, but still running. Push through. I keep telling myself it’s only two miles- but that doesn’t negate the fact that the truth is, it’s STILL hard. It’s a struggle, it’s a push, an every moment decision to NOT give up, quit, give in, or slow down. Do I love to run? Yes! …Until I am actually running, and then-it’s work. It’s well-worth it work, but work none the less. Somedays I HATE to run, but I do it anyway. Why?
Because the results are worth the pain, the sweat, the tears and the discomfort. The benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. Ive heard someone quote this before- “Why do you run?” “because it feels so good when I stop!!”
It’s so true! There is NO better feeling than completing a run- no matter the distance. It’s such an instant reward. And to be able to say that I have now run two Half-marathons makes me feel so good! …until I think about running a full.
Training is now in full swing. I am officially going to run a full marathon on November 11th 2012. Just typing those words gets my heart beating fast. It scares me to no end, but yet- excites me as well. You see, I may not always enjoy the process, but it’s necessary to obtain my desired outcome. I DON’T want to get up at 5:30, but if I’m going to get my miles in, It’s required.
So often I see my life with my heavenly father mirrored in my parenting. My kids regularly tell me- “I don’t want too” or my newest pet peeve “I can’t!!” True as that may be, it is my job to teach my children that not everything in life is something they want to do. There are things we HAVE to do in order to function. There are things that are required to do in order to enjoy the things we want to do.
Nothing parallels this to my life like running. Especially long runs, I find myself learning so much, and leaning do much on my Daddy God. After all, how can I ask/require something out of my children that I cant surrender?
So tonight, I set my alarm for the dreaded 5:30 and choose to rise and run. Because you can’t live out your dreams by always dreaming them. You’ve got to decide that the pain is worth the prize. You’ve got to daily press on towards the goal. Lord, let me be that example to my children!

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14 NIV84)”