I have always loved to travel. The appeal of far away places, the excitement of the trip, packing what you need, or think you need, or may possibly need… šŸ™‚ I enjoy almost every aspect of visiting new places.
As a teenager, I traveled throughout the United States with the Young Continentals presenting the gospel through song and dance. So many lessons were learned in my six months on tour- lessons that helped mold me.
As a college student, I was privileged to take a trip with my alma mater, CFNI, to Papua New Guinea to spread the gospel to people who had never seen anyone of my skin color before. It was such a humbling and amazing experience.
After marriage, we traveled to Cancun and Cozumel. That trip was so unforgettable and enjoyable. I have also experienced parts of Europe and hope to return one day to revisit those places!
But today, I am thankful for my travels. I am currently flying to Tucson, AZ to spend 4 wonderful days with my older brother.
Hubby had taken time off work to spend with his sister who came to visit for 2 weeks. Since he rarely takes time off- we decided to capitalize on this time. I found a very cheap flight and since Zayd is still under two, he flies for free! Trey is keeping the older two and spending time with his sister.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to see my brother whom I rarely get to visit with! Zayd gets to experience his first flight and let me tell you, so far- he’s doing wonderful!!
Here’s a snapshot of him running the terminal before boarding. Keep in mind, it’s already 3 hrs past his bedtime!

Once on the plane, he was content to snack on some muffin while waiting to take off.

He then decided to watch some little einsteins and chill for a bit.


We were allowed to switch seats once in the air- So we found a vacant row for Mr. Energy. Currently, he is trying (unsuccessfully) to climb the seat and escape our little area.

Having only one child is so very refreshing. I feel like I can do anything šŸ™‚ So here’s a great big thank you to my hubby who made this all possible! Here’s to hoping the trip continues to be as smooth as it has been!