Help – transitive verb
1 : to give assistance or support to
2 a : to make more pleasant or bearable : improve, relieve b archaic : rescue, save
3 a : to be of use to : benefit b : to further the advancement of : promote
4 a : to change for the better

I’ve always hated the word Help. To me it connotates that the person is lacking in something. If one needs help, they are not enough. They are not capable of completing something on their own. They are lacking or incapable.
To me- this is something I’ve always dreaded or avoided. I am capable. I am enough. I am self-sufficient. I am strong. I am able. So, in an effort to prove these facts to the world (and myself) I have shied away from asking for help in any form. I (through Gods help and wisdom) have been working hard to change my perspective on this matter. I still hate to ask for help and will attempt practically anything on my own before asking for help, but I am growing. I do occasionally ask my husband for help- though I’m sure most of the time he would like to wish himself back to the days when I just did it myself… šŸ˜‰

God has been showing me steadily that Help is inevitable. Though I may be strong and competent and able, I am also weak and fragile. That’s the way he made us. We are, in and of ourselves, incapable beings. We were made to be dependent. We were made to be lacking. We were made to need help. He created us for himself, not so we could prove to him what capable beings we are. He made us to fellowship with him- and let’s face it, some of us (myself included) would just go on living without fellowship if we weren’t acutely aware of our need for him.

These past few months have shown me several things. I am not enough, I am not capable of fixing all things- though I may try and try. I am lacking.
But above that- He is not. He is good. He is kind. He is grace. He is love. He is enough. He is my Help. My all-sufficient help in any and every situation.

Gracious – adjective
1 a obsolete : godly b archaic : pleasing, acceptable
2 a : marked by kindness and courtesy b : graceful
3 : merciful, compassionate

If there is one thing I can say about my God, is that he has proven himself to be marked by kindness and courtesy. I’m pretty sure, apart from Him, nothing kind exists. He is the holder of all things pleasing and acceptable.

My daughter is currently doing jumping jacks in my womb. In just a few short weeks, she will make her entrance into this world. Her name was decided months before her existence and it couldn’t be more perfect for me today than it was then.

Ezryi Jane means God is my gracious help.

Oh how He has proven that over and over again in my life. He has been the most merciful and compassionate change for the better I could ever imagine. These past few months Ezryis name has become a monument to me- a constant daily reminder of His help. Of His provision. Of his Love.
Every time I speak her name, I will be reminded of His help and my overwhelming need for it. Every kick she places inside of me radiates the fact that He is good, pleasing, acceptable, marked by kindness and courtesy, and will change me for the better if only I allow Him to.

I am so very excited about her life and can’t wait to meet this little person. I pray she sees her need for help and a savior long before her mommy did. I pray she always count on Him as her source and hope. And tonight, I thank Him for the living monument of Gracious Help He has given to me.