I am two days away from having a 4 week new baby girl. I cannot believe that it has already been almost 4 weeks. Then again, I can’t remember my life before she was here. My what change a month can bring. Addisyn is now a proud kindergartener and has already asked twice when she will be in first grade. Tyce is taking swimmingly to being in school full time as well. His teacher adores him and he is excelling- something this mama needs to hear with all the challenges of late. Zayd is thoroughly enjoying his new sister and has no animosity of loosing his status as the youngest. In fact, with school for the older two, he has gone from one of 3 to one of 2 during the day with Mommy. He is actually experiencing more of my attention since E was born!
We are slowly finding our way to a new normal. Two more weeks and we will have to do it all over again when I go back to work. E is on a 2.5 hr “schedule” now and I use that term loosely. She is a super content baby. Very calm and peaceful. Such a blessing to me since my other three are a bit more demanding.
She really has the demeanor of my sister and I can’t help but see Angie in her daily. Maybe it’s just my hormones, but I think it’s Gods gift to me – a piece of my sister in my daughter.
She is growing oh so well- 7lbs 8oz at birth quickly turned to 10lbs 3 oz at 3 weeks old. I am both proud and sad- growth is wonderful, but I struggle to hold onto hersmall-ness, her newborn-ness. I want to cherish this time of newness. I want to remember her scent, to take in every moment, every cry, every kick, every day.
So much change in such a small span of time has me consumed with daily life. I thought the first couple weeks with E would afford me more blogging time. That has been all but the case this time. Four is more than three. That had proven to be true. I am fighting to keep things organized and clean, and have made progress on this house. But more than that, I have stopped to rest and enjoy this time. This time with my babies, who will never be this young again.
Tyce is struggling in his own way to grasp the change. He has yet to say a harsh word towards his sister, or act in hostile towards her presence. But nevertheless, I see the toll it is taking on him. He is acting out- for no one but mommy and daddy, which I find both comforting and defeating. It’s oh-so-wonderful to hear how well he behaves at school, and oh-so crushing to come home and deal with meltdown after meltdown. Accidents have become a daily thing. We are working through it- I am working through it. Patience- God is teaching me patience on a whole new level and I am sad to say I have lost it more than once with him. I have apologized for raising my voice when I should have remained calm. It is a humbling thing to apologize to your 3 year old, but how else will he learn that even Mommys make mistakes and it’s ok to say I’m sorry.
I find myself rambling at this point, so I will stop. Just wanted to update on life in this crazy wonderful house.
I am so grateful for our newest blessing and hope to be writing again soon. But for now, I will surrender to sweet sleep for a couple hours until my blessing awakes to fill her belly.

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court. (Psalm 127:3-5 NIV)