Tomorrow marks six weeks of life for my sweet little gift Ezryi Jane. Such great blessings I have experienced in that short amount of time. Thinking back, I can hardly remember a time before she was here. Funny how your mind works like that- taking the now and making it seem like before never existed.
The boys adore her and live for her next breath. I pity the man that falls in love with her one day- they are fiercely overprotective and she is yet to even acknowledge their existence. God knows what he was doing when he created big brothers.
Addisyn is happy she has a sister and talks about the things they will do. These conversations are so bittersweet for me. Oh how I miss my sister. But oh how sweet it is to see the relationship bloom between my girls. I pray they share more than giggles and bows- I pray they share secrets and hopes and dreams and a bond no power on earth could sever.
Life is settling in as a family of 6. Daily I am in awe of His blessings. Life these days is loud and messy and often late and always imperfect. But I love it. In the throws of living I have to remind myself I love it. In the midst of disciplining 2 yr old curiosities and 3 yr old potty training, nursing and school projects; life is beautiful. It’s is passing me by faster than I would like and I struggle to hold onto these overwhelming moments that will soon just be memories. I want to be thankful in the process- because that’s where we are- in the process. And it’s the beauty in the process that reveals our true heart, our true desires. Do I want to have a perfect clean house, or do I want to teach my children the timeless truths of the Bible?
I want both! 🙂 and therein lies the struggle. I am not super mom, nor do I ever claim to be. What I do want to be is a proverbs 31 woman. I want to ever model to my children that I strive to meet his standards for my life. But in the striving I must not miss out on experiencing life with Him at the center.
He is my center- He is my everything. The dishes have not been done and the laundry sits piled on the couch. Tomorrow will have to take care of itself, because my babies need a Mama who loves His word enough to learn it. So, my friends, I will end my ranting and continue pressing on. Won’t you join me in the pursuit of the one who gives us all good things?