Six years has past since I became a mother. Six wonderful, amazing, painful, glorious, defeating, challenging, and altogether satisfying years.
Never would I have imagined that we would have 4 children in 6 years. Never would I have imagined that my baby girl would be so beautiful and smart and articulate and…. I could go on, but I will spare you the listing of all the qualities of my eldest.
This I recall from that day:
1. Labor is painful. Utterly, all-encompassing-ly painful. And All. Together. Worth it.
2. Driving home with my very own child riding in the back seat overcame me to the point of tears.
3. I never wanted those little fingers to let go of mine.
4. I had never loved my husband more than when I saw him hold our daughter.
5. Loving her more was not possible. As impossible as loving her less.
6. Motherhood was better than I had dreamed. The fulfillment of my life’s desire was glorious.
7. Life before that day, ceased to exist. I could never remember her not being there….

Today we talked and giggled and consumed more sugar than any human being should in the span of one day. My sweet baby has grown into an amazing young lady. And I am privileged to be called her mother. Happy Birthday my firstborn. Thank you for being my dream come true.