Yesterday marked 5 years of my sons life this side of the womb. I just can’t believe he is 5. I still remember with clarity the day Addisyn turned 5. One of my comments was “a whole hand”. It seems so very defining. No more fingers to hold down- it’s simply a whole hand.


For a year he has been asking for a shark party. one of his friends had one for his fifth last year and he has literally been dreaming of this party since then. So, in line with the theme, we decided a pool party was the best way to go.




We kept it simple with just a few treats, pizza and of course, cupcakes! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the water and devoured the food after exhausting themselves. Tyce was the star and loved every minute of splashing and icing and presents.


The day he was born was probably the most relieved I’ve ever been in my entire life. He was a very content little man and chose to stay in until almost 42 weeks. Addisyn had come early, which meant I carried Tyce for 4 weeks longer than I carried Addisyn. I was HUGE. And uncomfortable. And miserable. And frustrated. And I’m pretty sure I drove my midwife insane. I’m fully confident I drove my husband crazy. He has told me as much since the fact.


But looking back, I see the beauty in the pain. The lessons learned in the struggle. The joy found in the prolonged birth. Tyce changed me. He’s changed me countless times since that wonderful day I first held him in my arms. At five, he is altogether boy. He is so strong willed, and yet, at times, shy. I see the confidence in who he is growing daily. My goal is not to raise boys, but men. And I can see the glimmers of man shine through daily.


He is oh so careful with his sister. Sure, he will punch, kick, and shove his brother without a second thought. But the moment Ezryi grabs his hand, he is Big Brother. all. the. way. He is gentle and protective and nurturing and caring. He is also full of life and energy. He is constant. There is no “down-time”. But he still chooses to cuddle every once in a while. *sigh* I so deeply cherish those moments. The moments when the man-cub decides to be a boy who needs his Momma.


He so deeply desires to emulate his father. And there is no greater man I could choose to have him follow after. He wants to sit like Daddy, wrestle like Daddy, golf like Daddy and now- shower like Daddy. Because “Daddy’s don’t take baths.” Yall. I now have two children who can bathe (shower) themselves – all. alone. Like with no help from me. I just can’t even tell you the freedom. It’s even better than the day that Zayd learned to buckle himself in the car seat correctly. All KINDS of freedom around here for this Momma. I make take up a new hobby in the time I now have saved! …Or maybe I’ll just do another load of laundry from the top of the pile. šŸ˜


So- here’s to my Tyce. My little man-cub that will “hit the mark”. I certainly intend to steer you to aim high my son. You are destined for greatness. Never forget that in every situation, I will always love you. Although we’re raising you to be a man, you will ALWAYS be my baby boy!