I am a happily married woman of seven years to my knight in shining armor. We were married in June of 2006 on a HOT texas summer day. Our first child arrived on the coldest day of 2008 after 19 hrs of labor. She was perfect in every way and is now a very loud, fun, opinionated, sweet little girl. My first son was born 22 months later. He was my first homebirth and it was amazing! After 8 hrs of active labor, he came into the world. He was significantly larger than my first (8lbs 12 oz) and is still a big boy. When he was 5 months old, we found out we were pregnant with our third, needless to say, a HUGE surprise. He joined our family in January of 2011. He was also a homebirth, and by far my easiest labor and delivery. Six hours from realizing I was in actual labor (rather than the prodromal labor that I had since 29wks) to birth. We welcomed our sweet baby by water this time. We have just recently welcomed our newest addition to the family. She was born in August of 2013. Her presence has completed our family and rounded us out! We are very blessed to have 4 happy, healthy babies that keep us so very busy.

I love my life as a stay-at-home mom and believe it will provide some great material for my blog. I wanted an outlet for all my grown-up thoughts and ideas, because when all you do is discuss Little Einsteins with your 3 yr old, its kind of nice to remember there is a real world out there. :0)